Saturday, August 23, 2014

Random August

Some of the fun that happened throughout the month of August:

I just love Wendy's outfit for our walk to the post office. She picked it all out herself. My favorite... Her backwards ball cap (and her smile).

Guess what little 12 week old blue-eyed turning brown-eyed boy slept for 12 hours at night like a Boss... My little Boston! Can I get a hallelujah!?!?

My little clones got all dressed up to work out with me (I didn't even realize I wear all black when I work out)!

Look at those muscles getting strong! And, I love the way Wendy is looking at Jane.

We always dress our best when the Missionaries come over for dinner!

These girls live in dress-ups. Or, they live for dressing up? Pretty sure it's both.

It's not possible to get mad at this little girl when she comes out of her room after we put them to bed and says, "I. Wuv. Mom." Her speaking has exploded this week and I love it! Look at those squishy cheeks!

We've got another thumb sucker on our hands!

This is what happened when we took a "short break" from dominoes so I could feed Boston. 5 minutes later and everyone is napping! So grateful to have them here even if they are sleeping during their 20 hour visit.

Dr. Brinkerhoff wearing a real doctor coat our friend left in the laundry room before he moved away. Now we will always remember Dr. Clark Van Den Berghe. She'll grow into it soon enough.

Someone accidentally put on two different shoes (in two different sizes). That sort of thing happens when you are so excited to play at the park you can't focus and you're mom doesn't check before you leave the house... Here's to letting go of the small things.

She is obsessed! She nurses her baby when I nurse him, burps hers when I burp him...she's a good little mommy. Doesn't he look like he agrees?

Wheat for sheep?

And some other funny stuff that happened this month:

As I made Jane's bed on the top bunk (which is the worst btw)...
Jane: Mom! You're gonna break my bed! You weigh a hundred and nine pounds!
Thanks Jane! Little did she know, that's a huge compliment!

Wendy yelling, "Mom! Wake up!" during Sacrament meeting at church... Most embarrassing moment. I was just resting my eyes, I promise!

I cleaned up the disaster of a house while Brandt sat on the couch doing stuff for church and when he snapped out of the zone and looked around he said, "Wow, you're like a magic fairy who just wiggles her wand and snaps the house back into order!" Ha! I wish it were that easy but very much liked that compliment. What was magic... Having all three kids in bed and asleep by 7:15pm.


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