Thursday, September 11, 2014

Curse of the Yellow Track Suit

Many, many years ago... 10 to be exact, the curse of the yellow track suit began. This track suit has been passed around from child to child in my family and with it goes the curse. Each and every time it was worn, the wearer had a massive blowout. I'm not just talking a little leak, I'm talking rumble, rumble, up the back and past the head kind.

It started with my nephew Tyler. I will never forget holding him in the visitor center of the LDS Temple when I heard it, felt it and then saw it. It was then passed to his brother Jimmy and then to Jane just to see if the curse still existed, which it did. The mantle was passed to Boston today as he got to wear it for the first time and sure enough... that track suit still has MASSIVE powers.

I put it on him and took some pictures. He was giving me some funny faces and I wasn't sure why his mood had changed. After I was done I picked him up and to no surprise he'd pooped! I was laughing so hard because, "oh the memories" and went to change him. If only I'd known the curse was just getting started.

I laid him on my bed, opened his diaper and mid change, the volcano erupted. I'm talking, BOOM, across the room, through the mesh on one side of his bassinet to the other side of it and on the closet doors. Wendy missed it by inches and screamed bloody murder, crying for 10 minutes she was so scared. Me? I was covered in poop, had a HUGE mess to clean up but was laughing my head off. I was thinking the whole time, "I'm so glad I got to experience the curse of the track suit again. I'm so glad it didn't let me down."

The best part? The track suit is the same color :)

After about an hour of cleaning and scrubbing the bed, bassinet, clothes, sheets, myself, Boston, the floor and the closet door, all I've got left to do is one load of laundry. Oh, that outfit. Luckily I've got some cute pictures of my Boston experiencing the curse for himself!

 This is why we call him, "Big Eyes Boston" :)

My cute little helper:

Probably the moment it began:

The outfit in all it's glory:

I love this kid and this track suit so, SO much. They will both always make me smile.

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Nicole Murray said...

I'm laughing so, SO hard right now. What a cute boy!