Saturday, September 20, 2014

Random September

The fun that happened throughout the month of September:

Getting 3 kids to smile in the same shot is going to be my next adventure.

One is much easier... This little 3-month-old wants to say hi!

Walked in on these sisters helping each other get ready for church this morning. Love.

Now that Jane's in school I get to spend one-on-one time with Wendy (because Boston is usually napping).

I'm a fan of her.

Eeeeevn when she sometimes reminds me of someone...

Because most of the time she's pretty darling.

Case and point.

Jane drew this at school and I LOVE it! Our little family!

Bossy Boy enjoying his new toy! I love late night Target trips with Nicole and "online item" clearance finds!

The "cotton candy man" is outside Jane's school a few days a week and I always tell her she can't get any but today she had her own money and personally, I wanted it too so I gave her the money and told her to go get it.

Jane and her friend Johen (who we walk home some days) about to enjoy their bounty.

Little guy wearing the new onesie his grandma bought him. I WISH we were off to Grandma's house!

And, using some money Grandma gave them for toys, they got to go pick something special out just for them! What they picked fit each girl perfectly.

One thing I love about Jane is how, for the most part, when you tell her "no" she's usually just fine with it. Just now...
Me: Jane, I'm gonna hop in the shower.
Jane: Wait!
Me: What?
Jane: Will you get me something to eat?
Me: No, but I'll hop in the shower.
Jane: Ok. (and keeps coloring like we never had the conversation)

Just like her daddy. Makes me laugh. Wendy on the other hand has her heart set on EVERYTHING and can't handle "no" just like her mom.

Wendy ran to her room throwing a tantrum because she couldn't use the pen I was using. When she decided to come back out, she said in her little sad voice, "Don't bake mine heart any more."
If that broke her heart I'm in big trouble when she's a teenager! Oh boy.

Jane had been alone on the floor in the living room doing crafts for like 20 minutes when she yells all accusatory, "Eeeeew! Who tooted!?!?"
I reply, "Um, you are and have been the only one in there."
She says, "Oh" and continues coloring.
My favorite moment of the day.

At recess, a girl Jane was playing with didn't have a coat (it's 50 degrees out today) so Jane took off her coat and let the little girl wear it till the bell rang to go inside. Getting over the fact that sometimes sharing coats and hats is a bad idea, this just touched my heart so much. I teared up when she was telling me, especially because she was so unaware that she served that little child. She just did it so naturally and unselfishly. I think she'll have a good year.

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