Tuesday, September 02, 2014

See Jane: Go to School!

Today was Jane's first day of school! That's right, her first day of full-day Kindergarten! She put on her big girl jumper and mom put on her big girl pants to prepare being away from each other for 7 (felt like 597) whole hours.

 Who's ready for this?

We started off the day with me getting Janer ready for her first day. I got her dressed very carefully (even put her socks and shoes on her) so everything would be perfect. I fully realize that she's a big girl and doesn't need that and by the end of the year (or quite possibly the week) I'll be impatiently telling her to just throw the stuff on but she's my first baby and this was probably my last time to do it.

 My cute 5 year old in her school uniform:

Trying to get her to smile I told her a joke. Her response was, "huh?" I love her "huh" face.

This cute smile isn't going to be the same much longer... she's got 3 wiggly teeth!

Before we left I took some (ok, more like a million) pictures of Jane-bo and then we all (Brandt included) walked her to school. This was probably one of the longest walks of my life. I have been super excited about her starting school and getting to focus on Wendy and Boss but my tune changed this morning.

When we got there she was super excited but we had to wait on the playground FOREVER before they could go in and she started getting sad and clingy. By they time they lined up to go in she was super sad. As I walked away my heart was torn. I wanted to go rescue her. I wanted to burst into the cafeteria, swoop her up and run out of there but I quietly walked home with the rest of my crew and a sad heart. My baby! Not knowing how quickly (or even if) she cheered up killed me the entire day.

Jane and Dad:

Jane showing me how she's SUCH a big sister, she can lift Wendy:

Jane and her teacher Mr. D.:

Sad little Janie as she walked into the building feeling all alone... broke my heart!

Fast forward to picking her up. I waited ages at the door the principle pointed me to and when no more kids were coming out a teacher asked me and a couple other parents what class we were waiting for and pointed us to a different door on the other side of the school. Eeek! Jane was one of 3 kids in her class who's parents were "late" and she had to wait by the main office. I felt super horrible. As she ran down the hall to meet me I couldn't tell if she was crying or smiling and was relieved to see a HUGE smile as she got closer. She was in high spirits and had a wonderful day. I gave her a cookie, her "pet" rabbit and her balloon that she just bought with her own money, both of whom were sooo lonely without her all day.

 After her first day. Success!

The cutest thing was seeing her with Boston when we got home. I could tell she missed him a ton. I almost couldn't get him out of her arms. She just wanted to hold him, talk to him, sing to him, and even asked to change his diaper for the first time. She did a great job with it and then wrapped him up for his nap. I sprouted a few grey hairs watching her carry him around the house (with my arms under hers) but she was such a sweet sister to him. She even shared her uneaten lunch with Wendy after Boston went down for his nap.

There was only one hiccup (other than me not being at the right door) and that was that she got in the line to buy her lunch because she didn't understand what the teacher was asking so she got school lunch instead of the one I packed for her. No loss... apparently everyone gets free lunch and she ate the one I had packed after school.

We missed this little girl SO much but are so happy she enjoyed her time. She even thanked me for sending her to that class!


Nicole Murray said...

She looks amazing, and will totally rock school. Way to go Jane!!

These are all the little things said...

She's so grown up. What a cutie!