Tuesday, September 09, 2014

See Jane: Lose Her First Tooth!

For 3 weeks, Jane has asked me about 673 times a day if I want to wiggle her loose tooth. Each time I was as excited as the first to wiggle that scrawny little tooth of hers. It's been super fun to see how excited she is about it and to tell her about what's happening.

Today she told me that she "sneaks" wiggles when her teacher isn't looking because apparently they aren't allowed to have their hands in their mouths. I think that's a great rule but I can see how upsetting this can be to a 5 year old who is losing her first tooth!

After school she asked me if I wanted to wiggle it and after 3 little pulls on it, while wiggling it, AND Jane jumping up and down with each one... it popped right out! She was SO excited and also alarmed. She was panic-laughing and a little blood started pooling in her mouth, at which point she started getting nervous. I laughed about the blood to calm her down and said, "You want me to tell you why it's bleeding? It's really funny! It's bleeding because your mouth is saying, "Hey! Wait! What's going on!? There used to be a tooth there! Where did it go!?!?"" She thought that was way funny and wasn't nervous anymore.

She immediately wanted to call her dad so we did after taking a billion pictures... cause I was as happy as she was for this milestone :) We made a little tooth pouch necklace so she wouldn't lose it, which she wore the rest of the day and is now hanging on her bed post.

Brandt and I had decided that even though the tooth fairy is super fun, we didn't want to lie to Jane (no judging of what others do). It helped that she asked me point blank, "Is the tooth fairy real?" I told her that Dad and I were so happy for her that we would swap out her tooth in the middle of the night with an awesome surprise. After making me hold her pink wand and put on her butterfly wings to play the part, she seriously went to sleep in .000004 seconds. When she wakes, she will find a brand new tutu/leotard (b/c I found one earlier today that was on clearance and she doesn't have one that fits her) in the place of her tooth. I can't wait to hear her squeal in the morning.

Here's my beauty minus one tooth:


I should also note that Wendy went to the dentist for her first cleaning today and did awesome! No cavities but has an "open bite" probably from sucking her thumb, has a large "frenulum labii superioris" or "skin flap under top lip" which may need to be cut after all her adult teeth are in, and they are watching her front tooth because she injured it when she fell a month ago and they said the color has changed slightly. In other words... Wendy will probably bankrupt us with dental costs down the road but her cute little smile is worth it :)


Anonymous said...

So no Santa either?

cbhoff said...

No. It's such a hard thing. Before I had kids I thought people who didn't do the easter bunny or santa were mean and weird but now that I have my own little kids I just can't lie to their faces... over and over. It'd be one thing if it was just once but they asked all the time if Santa was real and saying yes over and over just made me feel bad. We tell them all about the character (santa, tooth fairy, etc) like they are a person in a story so they love and appreciate them but know the gifts come from us. It's still fun and they won't see it as I lied to them this whole time when they find out. That's how we see it and how everyone else sees it is great too :)

Adrienne Hansen said...

How cute! I guess kids are into wiggly stuff. I also like how you handled the situation when Jane saw blood after her tooth popped out. The entire family being happy at this milestone is such a great thing to see! As for Wendy, the diagnosis should be a warning for her to stop her thumb-sucking. Let's hope she does just that. Good day!

Adrienne Hansen @ Northbrook Dentist Office