Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

This year was another great celebration! We had activity after activity and as always, it was tons of fun.

Meet Boston Baked Bean. The cutest little bean I've ever seen if I do say so myself!

Brandt made the costume late at night the evening before our church trunk or treat. He's my hero.
Just can't get enough of this little guy!
This was the morning of Halloween. My cute Janie who almost always wears that hat!

They weren't allowed to wear costumes to school that day but instead were told to wear pajamas to celebrate the end of their Wild Things section. So, I of coarse bought her some Halloween pajamas (because no costumes on Halloween is lame). She rocked them.

Oh. my. Wendy!

She sure made one adorable little cowgirl! I think she should wear this all day, every day. Love it!

The evening before Halloween, we went to Brandt's work party and spent two hours trick-or-treating around his office. The girls each filled up a pumpkin bucket so we decided to stay in on Halloween and watch a Halloween cartoon and eat some of that delicious candy. Wise choice because the weather was horrendous. I love this picture of Wendy at Brandt's office. Can't get enough of her!

After Jane went to school on Halloween, we met up with some friends to see what the Library Halloween Storytime/Costume Parade was all about. It ended up being about walking around a HUGE block in the freezing cold (our first snow) and eating messy cookies and sloppy juice while the librarian (he was dressed up like a baby... another story for another time) read to the kids. Probably won't do that again but it was something to do I suppose. The bonus, Wendy made an insta-friend. While we were doing the costume parade outside (I mean pointlessly walking fast to get back inside) this little girl, Maggie, (who was also dressed up as Rapunzel) took Wendy's hand out of Wendy's pocket and held it. That's all it took. Now they're friends. Can you imagine if that's all it took for us? Try it and let me know. Anyway, here are some pictures from the library:

This was at the church (indoor) trunk or treat. My little Jessie and Alien from Toy Story. My sister Angela sent us the Alien costume as a surprise the day before so Jane quickly tossed her year long plans of being a kitty out the window and wore this costume for about a week straight. I'm ok with it. They made a cute pair.

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