Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pumpkins in the Park 5k

While I was pregnant with Boston I felt so, how should I put this, jiggly and weak. When I'm pregnant I can't do much physically because my hip doesn't work at all very much so I always lose all my muscle and strength. I decided about the 7th month in, that I was going to do a 5k after he was born. I am not a runner. In fact, I always failed that stupid 8 minute mile in middle/high school. Part of that is because I have exercise induced asthma and I was too oblivious and proud to learn how to manage it when I was younger.

I decided I was going to set a goal and stick to it. After Boston was born I signed up for a 5k so that I would accomplish my goal. I ran three times a week up until a month before the race which is when I got pretty sick and couldn't stop coughing long enough to run. I was worried that I wouldn't do well or even be able to run due to lack of practice but when the actual day came I was determined. I was going to run the first 5k of my life even if I did horribly.

I asked a friend of mine, Debbie, to run with me to have a little camaraderie and she did. Though we didn't run together it was so nice to have someone who IS a runner to support me and be there during the race. I also signed Jane up for her first mini race so we got to cheer for each other.

We started off the day with a church Halloween party and then headed over to the race (both downtown-ish). After the party and on the way to the race I realized I had left my inhaler at home!!! This was not good. I was SO mad at myself. It would have been better had I left my running shoes! I didn't want to go home and grab it because home was so far away and we'd miss Jane's race. Brandt volunteered to drop the girls and I off and take Boston home to get the inhaler. It took him over 2 hours to get home and back, a round trip of less than 16 miles! Chicago traffic+Saturday+any event=FOREVER. He got back JUST before my race. He saved the day. I really could not have done it without the inhaler and I am so grateful he did that for me!

Here are some photos from the event:

Wendy LOVED playing on the hills covered in leaves and looked darling in the cowgirl costume she wore to the church party:

Jane looked darling in her race day shirt but was SUPER nervous for her race. These next photos of her are a series of emotions she had while waiting her her age group. Here are "I'm scared and sad and I don't want to do it" and "No, I really don't want to can we please go home?"

Here are "You promise it'll be fine and I'll be able to see you the whole time?" and "I've got this!"

And, though she was day dreaming when the whistle was blown and thus got a late start...

She DID have this! She ran so fast and happy!

The stress of trying to get her to actually do the race, chasing Wendy and having to scream at her a million times because the music was so loud she couldn't hear me each time she wondered off and wondering if Brandt would even get back in time was worth it... just to see her excited face when she got her "medal".

Next up was my race. Here are Debbie and I just before our race started.

Me after the race:
My face was so red but was red with glory because I ran that race, non-stop, running 10 minute miles even after not preparing for it. Not only have I never run a mile without stopping until this year, I have NEVER run over 3 miles without stopping and I'm so very proud of those 10 minute miles!
(P.S. I was the 38th person to pick up my race day packet so my bib number was 38, which just so happens to be my favorite and lucky number!!)

I had only eaten a half of a muffin in the morning so after the race we went out for dinner and since Wendy's birthday was the next week we celebrated. As you can see, she was beyond excited to get ice cream :)

So thankful for family, friends, medicine and bodies that can do amazing things.

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