Saturday, October 18, 2014

Random October

Some random fun we had during the month of October:

 Wendy got $5 from her Great Grandma Hilma so she was FINALLY able to buy the stuffed robot she's been wanting for months. And, it was perfect because it was 70% off clearance today!

Happy girl and happy mom because I personally think it's the cutest stuffed robot ever.

And, I think this is the cutest girl holding an adult umbrella ever too :)

A thank you note from Jane: "Thank you for wiping me even though I was mean to you mom."
Yes, that's Jane on the toilet. When she presented this to me she said, "I'm not good at drawing bums yet."
I'm loving this age.

This is one of my favorite drawings Jane has done because there is so much detail. Jane is becoming quite the artist!

In case you can't tell, this is a robot.

While everyone is admiring the magnificent colors of fall I find myself in awe at the colors in Jane's hair. She's a lucky girl.

I'm on my way to see The Piano Guys downtown (what!?!). I'm wearing my hair down for like the 10th time (instead of a messy bun) since Jane's been born and on my way out she says, "Oh, wow! I LOVE your hair! It's so pretty instead of like a snow ball stuck in the air!" I hope the hubs is as impressed!

 Our awesome friends who invited us to the Piano Guys concert! Aren't they the coolest!? We even got VIP passes so we got to meet them after.

Who's excited for fall!?!?!

Fresh green beans from the produce market for a morning snack... just like her sister. 

Yeah, I'm picking my battles. But, honestly... You can wear anything you want to Walmart right?

We met up with some friends in Wisconsin to go apple picking. They didn't actually have apple picking that year (we didn't know till we pulled up) but we did have fun.

How can you not have fun when you get to slingshot apples at targets?!

Some other funny things that happened this month:

Jane: Oooh! Let's have some ice cream after dinner! Oh, I know, let's have family home evening!
Me: It's already 6 o'clock.
Jane: Ugh! Why does it have to be 6 o'clock? I wish we didn't have clocks...

Speaking of her sister, as I was walking Jane to school, she saw a kid in her class named David O. who is a cute African boy, a head taller than her. I looked away for a second and when I turned back they were walking in together holding hands! They were adorable. I love the innocence 5 year olds have. I also dread the day friendships turn to crushes... Eeek!

I taught the girls what a "trust fall" was after school. It was super fun having the girls take turns with tickles after they fell back into my arms. After I walked out of the room to stir the noodles I heard a loud bang and lots of grumpy crying. I turned to look and Jane was walking to me upsettingly rubbing her head and said, "I thought you were going to trust fall me!" I DID teach them the rules before we started but I did fail to mention that I won't always be available to catch them when they randomly decided to fall backward. Whoops.

THIS happened after a very large meal...
Me: You know what I want?
Brandt: What you really, really want? You wanna, you wanna... (Yes, he knows that song)
Me: I really, really want a smorkie. (2 roasted marshmallows between 2 chocolate chip cookies)
Brandt: Ugh, I don't. I feel so fat, like I'm gonna explode.
Me: Oh, I do too but I'm wearing loose fitting clothes.
Brandt: Oh, I should try that.

Wendy cut out a million little pieces of paper and then left them on the floor. I asked her to clean them up so I could walk in the house and she said, "Hop over it! See!?", and then proceeded to show me how I could get around them all. That. Girl.

The girls playing horsey...
Jane: Ok, ready to go? Hold on tight! But not too tight. Actually, just a little tight cause I don't want to die. You want me to die?
Wendy: No.
I'm grateful Jane is sensible and that Wendy is kind.

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