Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Boston: 4-5 months

Oh, how I very much LOVE my little boy! Every time I look at him I almost cry because I waited so long for him to be here (long story). I always knew he would be and he is! He is the sweetest and smiley-est baby boy I've ever met. He just LOVES everyone! All you have to do it look him in the eyes and he'll pay you back with the happiest smile you've ever seen.

He used to only be content if you were walking around with him but now he also enjoys sitting in your lap and snuggling. His favorite though, is now standing in your lap holding onto your fingers. Also, no matter what mood he is in when you zip up his sleeper, he cracks up every time. Every. Time. He thinks it's the funniest thing as it gets close to his neck. He's enjoying tummy time to a point but is now really enjoying his play gym because he can grab the toys and put them in his mouth. He is very much at the stage where he loves putting everything in his mouth which brings me to my next point...

He's got 2 bottom teeth! He got them at 4 months. A week after the Dr. said he wouldn't be getting teeth for a while, I had a feeling he was teething and a couple weeks of sleepless nights later (he is my first bad teether) the first popped through! The next one came very soon after and he did better for that one. I love his little teeth. Well, not really... he was sucking on my finger and bit down so hard on my cuticle that it bled.

Another milestone is that he's a solid food champ! I tried giving him solids at 4 months thinking he was waking up three times a night due to hunger (it was teething) and he wasn't a fan. I took a three week break and he did much better. It didn't take him long to catch on and actually opens his mouth anticipating the bites. Good eaters are the best!

He is struggling a little on back strength but I'm sure he'll get there. I still can't hold him one handed and he doesn't sit too well in the Bumbo nor is he able to do the jumper thing yet (without leaning too far forward and choking himself) so we're working on that. He's also not yet rolling over but at 5 months is finally starting to arch his back like he will roll soon. He's getting in more hair and definitely has his daddy's dark eyes... my wish came true!

Needless to say, I am a fan of Mr. Bossy Pants. I'm typing this as he sleeps and I miss him terribly.

His sister's both adore him. Jane sings him songs all the time and feels SO proud she can carry him around (closely supervised) and Wendy is constantly in his face (not sure it's a great thing but she loves him).

Stats at 4 month check-up:
Weight: 15 lbs 11oz (75th %)
Height: 25 5/8 inches (75th %)
Head: 50th %

How does he compare? Bigger than Wendy but doesn't actually have rolls and obviously bigger than Jane. Wearing 6-12 month clothes at 5 months. Also, HUGE thumb sucker like both girls. Guess it's in my genes? He is also a great napper. I'm starting to finally try out a 4 hour schedule to see if that's what's causing him to wake early in the morning so we'll see if that works.

Here's my Boss Man 4-5 months old:

And a couple from a little bit ago I got on my cell phone:

How does he open his eyes so wide?!? My Big-Eyes Boston!

And, a picture from his first solids: Not a fan...

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