Friday, November 28, 2014

The Circus!

I have always wanted to go to the circus and I finally had my chance. Not only did I get to go, I got to take my little kiddos! With discount tickets from Jane's school we just HAD to go! My friend, Nicole, and her family came too and she picked up our tickets at the same time as hers so we could sit together. We had a blast. Here are some (low quality) photos from the evening:

Bossy and I before it started while we waited for the girls and Brandt to come to their seats (they were on the floor having fun with clowns and elephants).

Wenders makes a great clown, don't you think?

Yup... definitely her calling in life.

Our little family!

They were so excited!

Of coarse we'd been talking it up for weeks so I'm not surprised.

I love this picture. He had no idea where we were or what was going on. Sensory overload!!

Circus selfie!

Once it started she looked like this the entire time. I think she MAY have blinked... once.

And, during intermission this little fella fell asleep. I still have no idea how he slept during the insanely loud show but he did. I pretty much just watched him the rest of the time :)

It was so fun! Bonus, we found some of the reusable popcorn totes on the way out so I let the girls have them (they were in heaven) as a souvenir (sans leftover popcorn).

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