Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Grinch Date with Jane

I dislike Chicago for many reasons, parking, schools, rent, crime, parking... I could go on...

But, I DO like Chicago for the super fun things we get to do whenever we want to, like today! Jane and I headed downtown to go see How The Grinch Stole Christmas: The Musical! We took the train down and skipped out of the train station holding hands, grabbed some donuts from our favorite spot, and then headed to the theater.

She was SO impatient/excited for it to start that she asked me every 20 seconds how many more minutes were left (we did that for the whole 10 minutes we had to wait) and she would cheer whenever another minute passed. She sat on my lap for the entire show because she couldn't see over the railing in front of her so I just sat back and enjoyed every minute of her being little enough to need me :)

One of our friends from church was in the cast and when she heard we were coming, offered to take us on a backstage tour so that's just what we did! It was fun and mind blowing for Jane. I think her favorite and most interesting part was seeing the wig room and understanding that people put those on to become characters and don't actually have that hair. We also got to meet the man who played the Grinch and the little girl who played Cindy Lou Who.

After that we headed to the Shake Shack for some lunch. While we were in line she saw a little 2 year old girl and started talking to her. She was being very sweet to her and gave the little girl a penny when she found it in her pocket. The guy behind us saw her do that and said, "Because you just did something really kind to that little girl I want to do something kind for you." He took off an LED reflector thing he had on his zipper-pull and put it on Jane's. If her day hadn't already been made, it was now! Turns out, that guy and his family (who were with him) were all going to be on Santa's float at the Chicago Lights Festival a few hours later.

Here are some pictures from our adventure:

Waiting for the train. She loves to wave at the train drivers and gets SO excited when they wave back.

 My princess and I before the show!

After the show, our friend Rebecca showed Jane and a couple other kids how the actors find their spots on stage.

Rebecca showing the kids how to stand when you are a "Who". Toes out!

Jane getting to hold Rebecca's (or should I say, Trixie Who's) broom.

Admiring the Grinch's sleigh.

Seeing the other props (p.s. she didn't take her owl hat off until an hour after we got home. She's obsessed!):

Ha! She got to try on Rebecca's shoes. Just a little too big.

Jane thought this was gross. It's the Grinch's costume.

She didn't think THIS was gross. Yummas! My favorite was when she tried getting the last bit out of my shake and said, "It's not gone till it makes that gurburbully sound." She then got the last bit. Oh, no, my favorite part was when I asked her if she wanted the last fry, she said "yes", took it, then said, "Actually, no. Here."and tore it in half so we both got the last fry. She's SOOO awesome!

So fun and I feel so blessed to be able to do things like this with my kiddos.

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