Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wendy: 3 years!

So, it feels like WAY more than 3 years since we brought this girl into the world. I feel like she's about to be 4! It's impossible to explain her in one word. She's a riot when you tickle her and has one of the best belly laughs. She's very emotional and has always been able to squeeze out the tears in a second when you don't give her what she wants. She can handle herself when someone (namely Jane) does something to her that she doesn't like... she's feisty. She's SUPER sweet after she's done crying and my heart about melts when she says, "I. Wuv. You. Mom." and looks into my eyes with her big blues. She's a daddy's girl for sure, 100%. So, I guess if you summed her up in one word I'd probably say, "Me". Heaven help this world. J/k not j/k :)

She's a great helper and loves to help me cook and start the dishwasher. She secretly wants to be just like Jane. I say secretly because they fight ALL the time but she's obsessed with sleeping in Jane's bed for naps, sitting in her car seat when we go somewhere, and even tries to get ready for bed first so she can sleep in Jane's pjs. She is always in Boston's face saying, "my baby Bosson boy". And, while she usually ends up making him cry in the end because he's, well, a small human who isn't quite ready for what Wendy has to offer, she always has the best intentions. I think they will be good friends when he gets older. And Brandt, she adores him. Every day she asks, "work day?" and gets sad when he says yes. She loves helping him get dressed and picking out his clothes to match her. The sweet thing is that he usually accommodates her requests.

Her loves? Baths, baby dolls, watching shows, getting her nails painted, going to the park (the swings!!), sitting in my lap, touching my phone (a huge no-no) and even pretends her play phone is an "iPhone". She loves apples, cereal, putting on and taking off dress-ups (about 30 seconds a dress-up), having a class of her own (tumbling, which she dominates) and sucking her thumb.

Things she doesn't love? Getting her teeth brushed, getting told no, rice, mac n' cheese, much cheese or bread and peppers.

Some other things about her: She is still learning her colors, numbers and alphabet but is starting to catch on. I finally took her to a speech therapy evaluation and they said she speaks like a 2 year and 3 month old but is beyond a 4.5 year old cognitively. I've always known she could understand everything, she just can't get it out. She's a super smart girl and I can only imagine what she will accomplish with more words. She says a lot of words but they are hard to understand and she still speaks really choppy (or cave woman-ish), not conversationally. The last few weeks, she has been blowing us away with 6-7 word sentences and new words every day. It's funny... Jane and I always recognize when she says a word for the first time and always say, "Yay!" and get so excited when she does it.

Some of our favorite/funny things she's saying these days are:
-Every time I ask her what she wants for her birthday or Christmas she says "ice meem".
-We had a jar filled with candy for a baby shower we were planning and I told the girls they could have it all if they guessed how many pieces of candy were in it. Jane guessed "nineteen hundred" Wendy guessed, "Pink".
-When their alarm goes off in the morning Wendy RUNS into our room every day yelling, "sbippters (scripture) time! Me eat food!"

-She constantly wants to be the mom and calls me "kid". "You eat your food kid?" "You sick kid?" If I'm not "kid" I'm "Seena".

She's starting to like coloring and drawing, she's napping like a champ, she's completely potty trained, even at night, and she gives the best kisses. I'll do just about anything to get one from her.

My little Wenders. It was so fun doing this little photoshoot with her:

Love you Wendy Mae!

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