Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wendy's Apple Party!

We asked Wendy what kind of party she wanted and she said, "cereal". We asked her again and she said, "apple". I decided to go with the first of her two true loves, apples:

Introducing, Wendy's Apple Party!!!

Of coarse we had plenty of apples on hand:

Lots of yummy cupcakes:

And, lots of red...

... and green apple decorations:

My favorite, the pinata!

Grandma was able to fly out the same weekend of her party, which MADE the party!

Birthday girl so excited for "mine birfday party!":

Sisters! (Um, Brandt got them dressed... not sure what size shirt Jane-bo is wearing):

Lunch time! Wenders filling up on some veggies:

Pinata time! Birthday girl first!

Enjoying some of the spoils from her pinata:

I bought some caramel apple soda for the party. This is her "soooo spicy" face:

Pop the candy-filled balloon time!

She was a little shy this year anytime anyone sang happy birthday. She basically clawed her way up and over her nursery teachers at church and did the same at the party:

But in the end she braved it and made a wish. I'm sure it was for an apple (which she ate instead of this cupcake so... dream come true)!

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