Saturday, December 13, 2014

Chicago Christmas 2014

We all slept in this morning and at 7:30am, after Brandt got up to get Boston, Jane asked, "Can we get up now?" We told her yes and she ran into our room yelling, "Merry Christmas!!"

It was a perfect beginning to our Chicago Christmas. Since we'll be in Texas on the 25th we decided to have a pre-Christmas this weekend. We opened stockings and presents and then the girls played with their loot while Brandt and I made some Christmas donuts. Jane serenaded us during breakfast with a Thanksgiving song we had no idea she had learned last month while Wendy was going crazy after having eaten almost all her m&ms from her stocking before 9am.

Later that afternoon the two littles took naps while Brandt cleaned up the disaster of a house we had created while Jane and I went shopping with our friend Nicole. Me shopping and Brandt cleaning... Best. Christmas. Ever. For dinner we had some Navajo tacos since we had the fryer out and then scones for dessert since we had extra rolls. It's a good thing I'll be joining my dad at the gym when we go to Texas next week!

Kids are in bed and sheesh are we tired. Here are some pictures from our fun morning. The quality isn't great and some of them are actually pretty bad but I want to remember this morning so I'm posting them anyway :)

Bossy Boy's first Christmas!

Looking at the girls trying to make him laugh:

"Um, why did my stocking only have pureed peas and rice cereal in it?" 

My sweet Wendy:

Whoa! "Wendy, how did you feel when you opened your unicorn toy?"

"Show me your princess smile."

My sweet Jane:

 "Jane, how did you feel when you opened your unicorn toy?"

"Show me your new smile after losing your 3rd tooth this week."

I love this picture even though it's quite blurry. I love how they put their arms around each other unprompted:

 And this one! My two little girls who are often in a power struggle over any and everything being so... sisterly!

Boston's first Christmas present. He went down for a nap right after opening it and the girls opened the rest of his gifts but I'm glad he could be up and happy for at least part of it.

I love Christmas with these two. I fear this may be our last year before they wake up at dawn wanting to open presents but I look forward to many more Christmas mornings of fun and excitement!

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