Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014: Texas Trip Part 1

We started off leaving the house at 6am expecting to drive half way or so, stay the night somewhere and then finish the drive the next day. However, we were making such great time (zero traffic, ate lunch in the car as we drove) that we decided to drive the whole way (it ended up being 16 hours of driving plus 2.5 hours of stops) and got there about 1am the next day. We were exhausted but we made it.

 I made this little head sling thing for Wendy because she had such a hard time sleeping in the car on our last trip and it really helped. She was so much more comfortable this time.

We all went to sleep as quickly as we could when we got there and were ready to party the next day (I guess it was technically the SAME day). This is how we spent most of the trip... shopping with grandma! Who, actually spoiled Janie with multiple kids meals that she asked for non-stop...

This picture makes me laugh because of what you don't see. Brandt destroyed what she was working on and got super upset. Then I tried making it a game and destroyed what she was working on next and she got even more upset. Josh was the only good guy.

Oh Boston! He was an ANGEL the whole time. He got his own room (sorry Josh) and slept soooo well the entire time. This picture makes me laugh because it shows how he sleeps with his eyes open. You think he's awake but he's not. Completely asleep.

We took the girls bowling for the first time. It was so cute watching them bowl. Unfortunately Wendy got her finger smashed between the balls right away so it was a hard sell for her but she had fun.

Janers loved it. We just cringed every time she'd throw the ball just a little too high causing a HUGE thud when the ball hit the lane. She looks so cute in bowling shoes!

It was super fun bowling with Grandma, Grandpa, Anna, Chris and Josh!

Right after we were done bowling we headed to an old friend's home where Santa just so happened to be! Here is Boston meeting Santa for the first time ever.

All three kids on the nice list for sure!

I just love this guy and he loves his bumbo seat!

Christmas morning Santa and her little elf opened their second set of stockings. The highlight? Band aids they could use whenever they felt like instead of listening to me always saying that they don't need one. 

Look at the pile of presents! We got spoiled this year!

Before we opened gifts, though, Wendy and Jane had a HUGE surprise outside! The trees grew money and they got to pick it! Wendy was hesitant at first, unsure it was for her and not sure it was ok to do but once she realized it was ok she was super happy.

Uncle Pat sure does make some lasting memories!

Next up was Jane's tree. Doesn't this just look amazing?

Oh, she knew just what to do.

I hope Uncle Pat and Grandma know this is going to be expected every year...

Hey, I grew those three kids in my belly! Still amazes me. 
Jane got everything she asked for including Barbies and a PINK camera and Wendy got more bath toys than she could even dream of. Add the pink kitties they both received to the mix and I don't think this year can be topped. Thanks again Mom and Dad!

And this kid... she is just epic. That hat was actually given to Uncle Pat (in the background) but it just completed her outfit so he gave it to her.

These two.

I'm glad Boston got to spend a little bit of Christmas with us. We miss him when he's sleeping. And, would you look at that... Grandpa's holding a baby!

Part two of our trip coming up next...

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