Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014: Texas Trip Part 2

So many pictures I HAD to break up the post... Here is all about the rest of our trip to Texas (man, I wish I was still there!)

I just love this kid's smile. He's such a happy baby!

I went upstairs to see if he was awake yet after one of his naps and this is how I found him. Now, doesn't he just look comfy?

 FAMILY! I was so great to see ALMOST everyone. We missed the Stones!! We ate some yummy food (too many donuts) and watched TONS of movies. I wouldn't have it any other way.

One day we headed up north to buy some new fish for my dad's pond. It was rainy out and chilly but the girls had fun seeing all the stuff this place had. They don't see too many gardens in Chicago.

Ok, last one of Boston sleeping (I think). I love looking back at pictures of Jane and Wendy sleeping because it was their most peaceful moments so I'm glad I have these. He seriously slept so well at my parent's house. Two floors, carpet, his own room... those can do wonders for sleep.

One evening we went to Putt-Putt and the girls made out like bandits! I may or may not have wasted a ton of money on a quarter machine. It's a good thing gambling is frowned upon in our religion caaaaauuuuse I would be broke... OR, rich! Yikes, I better stop now...

We decided to stay almost a week longer than planned since we drove, didn't HAVE to be back and were having such a pleasant time so we had extra time to spend with Uncle Joshy.

We took the girls over to the Boardwalk and let them pick some rides to go on. Wendy loved the train ride that Josh took her on...

...until they went through a dark tunnel where there was a gun fight. She didn't like that part very much. Whoops.

Janie chose this ride and wanted to go with me.

I love her dearly but I don't love spinning in circles. The things I do for her.

They got to choose one more ride to go on together and they chose this one. They felt like big girls going on it alone!

 And, they ARE big girls!

So fun! Some CiCi's pizza afterwards and I'd call it a success!

I am so glad we got to go to Texas this year. I enjoyed getting my eyebrows waxed with my mom (maybe enjoyed is the wrong word), had fun going to the gym with my dad (though I was so sore for a few days), shopping with mom is always fun, the Bluebell ice cream...mmmmmm, and getting slaughtered in a game of dominoes with dad was even a pleasure.

I love them SO much! I wish I could go back right this second.

But since we can't I'm glad I have these pictures to remember the fun times we had and I hope the kids remember them too...

...cause my family is awesome.

Yep, see? Awesome.

I hope we can go back soon!

It had to come to an end eventually but at least the girls took a good nap on the drive back (my mom quickly sewed another head sling for Jane the night before we left).

But this drive was slightly more interesting than the drive TO Texas...

...and not because this guy helped with driving. We did it in one day like we did on the way there but Boston and Wendy were SUPER sick. Wendy started hallucinating about 6 hours from home after watching Peter Pan and we didn't realize for a while that she had a 103 temp. I took them to the Dr the next day and find out she had pneumonia and Boston had an ear infection. At least we made it home in one piece and we were healthy while we were there!

 Till next time!

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