Saturday, December 13, 2014

Santa Claus 2014

Santa made a surprise appearance at the ward Christmas party this year! Janie went first and asked for a pink camera. She's obsessed with that. She wants one "that takes real pictures and is real and takes real batteries but never runs out of batteries". I think she wants a "real" camera but I can't be sure.

Wendy went next and I could not believe she sat on his lap. I just watched astounded that she was doing it. She was super shy but did manage to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas (so quietly that only a couple of us could hear)...

Santa: What would you like for Christmas?
Wendy: People.
Santa: What?
Wendy: People.
Santa: Aaaaand, what would you do with people?
Wendy: Walk wiff dem.

And that was that! Wendy wants people she can walk with for Christmas. Done!

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