Thursday, January 29, 2015

Art Class

I signed Wendy up for her first big set of classes this winter and today we went to her art class. I did this with Jane when she was younger but I didn't love it as much because I hate messes and letting Jane have free reign with glue and markers was really tough for me. Now, with Wendy, I could ALMOST care less. Part of it may be that since we have a boy next I don't care as much about Wendy's clothes lasting and I also have three kids now soooo I have other things to worry about...

Instead of controlling her creativity I just guide it and play with little Bossy Pants while she does her thing. It's much more fun this way :)

So, today we bundled up and walked a couple blocks over to the park field house and joined the other three year olds for art.

Here she is working away:


Little man so content watching Wendy work:

All done! Now she gets to eat her lunch and run around on the stage with all the other kids (I think that's her favorite part)!

And, while she plays, this guy gets to practice sitting without assistance (he's rocking it btw) and flashing his smile at everyone:

So concerned! It's a little crazy in that room so I can see how he might feel a little...

Uh, never mind, back flashing that cute grin of his!

After class we head back home, Boston and Wendy take naps and I get 2 hours to myself! I like Thursday mornings.

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