Thursday, January 29, 2015

Happy 33rd to Brandt

We were quite busy this year for Brandt's birthday so we didn't get to do too much celebrating but the little we did do was fun. On Saturday after running around all day were finally at home at the same time so we decided to do a birthday weekend dinner with the girls. He wanted barbeque so since we needed a place nearby we headed to Rub which is just down the street from us and we ended up getting a sweet parking spot right out front (Saturday night parking in Chicago can be a nightmare) and were able to beat the rush and got a table inside the tiny restaurant before a ton of people showed up. Wendy doesn't like BBQ, Jane was only interested in the birthday ice cream we didn't end up getting and Boston sat in his car seat like a champ. Dinner with the kids can be crazy but all in all it was ok and the food was yummy.

On Monday, I met him downtown at a fancy pants restaurant for a birthday date sans kids and we had a wonderful time. I really stretched my limits and ordered lobster risotto (I'm not a seafood person) and while it was tolerable and I was proud of myself for trying it, I felt a little fishy/jiggly inside the rest of the night. That was probably due to a piece of the meat still containing a floppy inner claw part which I boldly said, "Yeah I'm not eating that." We grabbed some donuts for dessert at one of our favorite places, Stan's Donuts, since it was just down the street (and they were still open for another 5 minutes after we got done with dinner) and then called it a night.

On the day of his actual birth, it was yet again another crazy busy day but he got to stay home from work and hung out with Wendy while Boston and I were gone and Jane was at school. It was about as relaxing as it could be for him as a dad on his birthday. I made him creme brulee for dessert and we ate it as we watched a show on the couch and then went to bed early. We're so not cool any more.

Anyway, I love this man. Although we are frequently tired and have lots to do I love the time we DO get to spend together and I'm super glad he was born :)

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