Thursday, January 15, 2015

Random December

Going through the photos on my phone is always fun. The quality is usually terrible but I'm so glad I caught those little moments. Here are a few from December:

Jane loves watching Brandt play games on the ipad. This is how I found them when I walked in the room.

Looks like Jane is giving him tips on how to do better next time :)

This girl. I really wish I could go inside her brain and see what she's thinking most of the time. She's so mysterious!

I was working on some stuff for church and she was playing next to me. I looked over and thought, "I haven't seen a strawberry look that cute in a while!"

She noticed I had taken a picture and sat on the chair sulking, pretending she was injured (notice above she'd wrapped her hand). She's a sulking pro.

Jane put her hat on Boston and thought it was the funniest thing. It was, until it covered his entire face and he thought his world had disappeared...

Since Jane is at school most of the time, Wendy gets to spend a lot of time with Boston. She's constantly requesting to hold him.

It's only calm, cute and sweet for about 4.8 seconds. Then I have to rescue the poor fella.

Wendy so proud, "Me put mine headband on Bosson's head!" It's just the beginning Boss, sorry.

Our store gives out cookies at the bakery when the kids show their "cookie credit cards". This time Wendy got two and ate them at the same time. It was funny watching her eat them not noticing the plastic was wedged between them both and seeing her try to eat around it. I helped her eventually but had to take a picture first :)

Janers got this unicorn horn for Christmas. It was pretty much her dream come true. 

She promised me when she was 4 that as long as I let her grow up she would always snuggle me. A year later she's definitely kept that promise. I love my Janie-bo!

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