Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Wendy's First Day of School!

Wendy's birthday is in November so she couldn't start preschool through the park district until the Winter session that started in January. She was SOOOO excited to get to go to school like her big sister. She loves her teachers, Miss RoRo and Miss Sunya, has a best friend, Sophia, and loves showing me the sticker she gets at the end of each class. She doesn't quite know her alphabet or numbers (sometimes she counts in letters) and just about has her colors down but she IS really good at tracing and loves to do it. She's very proud of her worksheets that she completes in school.

I'm back posting this post because I didn't get to it in January but it's March now and she can almost always spell her name and is kind of getting the hang of remembering how old she is. When she counts she always skips the number three so it would only make sense that that's why she can't ever remember how old she is. And, when she spells her name she says, "W... E... NDY!" I love how she spells her name. She is also able to recognize W's and knows that is in her name.

The only downside she feels about her school (that I know of) is that she doesn't get to eat lunch there like Jane and that kind of makes her sad. Brandt brought home a cute tote bag and gave it to her to put her snacks in and it makes her really happy bringing snacks places in her own special bag. She loves to eat. When I give her food she says, "Just one thing? Not 2 things? 7, 8, 6 things?" The other day I asked her if she knew what kangaroos did thinking she'd say that they hop and she said, "eat."

Anyway, back to her school. She loves it and I'm sure she'll be even more excited to start her other classes in the spring.

Here are some pictures of her on her first day of school. It was only 1 degree out (even Jane's school was cancelled that day) so I couldn't get good outside shots like I usually try for but here are some cute ones nonetheless...

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