Saturday, June 21, 2014

Family Beach Day

One perk of having a baby in the summer is Brandt getting a month off of work to be able to spend at the beach! I think I should plan all of them this way.

The girls were going stir crazy with us staying in so much after Boston came to join the family so Brandt announced he was going to take Jane and Wendy to the beach. He extended the invite to me and Boss buuuut, I had just had a baby two weeks before so I just wanted to stay home and declined the invite. It's kind of a process getting the kids ready for the beach so after getting them dressed, sprayed down and towels, toys, etc in the stroller I decided I couldn't miss out on the nice day and seeing the girls play so I got myself and Boston ready and we headed to the beach as a family. One of the best decisions I made that year :)

Wendy has a reputation for hating the sand. By hating I mean, literally pooping her diaper at the very touch. It's been difficult for Jane and I to enjoy the closeness of the beach (2 blocks) with her "I'm being murdered!!!!!!" screams the entire time but things took a HUGE turn today.

She. LOVED. The. Sand.

I know!

I had to capture and share this momentous occasion:

She's having fun!

She's not screaming!

She's... adorable!

 Sisters finally enjoying the beach together!

Summertime + these two = My heaven

I can't get enough of this 2-year-old...

 ... or this 2-week-old beach bum.

Brandt used his time wisely and built Batman's sand cave:

Which, Wendy quickly destroyed.

"I'm the queen of the bat cave and you're a ..."

Oh Wendy, I'm so glad you decided to like sand this summer.

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