Monday, February 09, 2015

Field Museum Day

A friend of mine invited me to the Field Museum downtown since it was a free day and it'd be more fun to go together. It was ridiculously cold out and we had to park pretty far away. Silly me forgot the stroller or any warm stuff for Boston so between my friend Polly's scarf, her older son's hoodie and Boston's car seat cover, we got inside without freezing too much. Thank you Chicago "feels like" -20 weather.

Inside it was warmer and way more fun. We spent most of the time downstairs in the kids area and then had lunch before heading home for naps (though they both fell asleep in the car on the drive back). Jane was in school on this day so she missed out. Here are some pictures:

Farmer Wendy picking some corn. Don't all farmers pick corn in snow boots?

 Running out of room in those little hands of hers but there's just so much corn to pick!

Meanwhile, slobbery Boston spent his time chewing on this toy. Oh, teething... That other little boy was just passing by but he showed Boston up by crawling all around and taking Boston's toy a million times. I just laughed because I thought it was funny but the kid's parents felt so bad. He's gotta learn one day how to deal with disappointment... am I right?

And, bam! Solved that "little hands of hers" problem by finding a basket. Now time to put them back on the stalks and pick them again (rinse and repeat 6 times before moving on to the next part of the play area).

Next up was the music room! I think she makes such a cute little musician :)

And, of course we have to say hi to Sue the T-Rex!

What does Sue say? Wendy's got the ROAR thing down!

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