Saturday, February 07, 2015

Moments from January/February

I love this day and age. Being able to capture daily moments whenever I want on my phone so I don't forget them is definitely one of the best perks of being a mom in the 2010's. Here's some of the stuff we've been up to:

My big boy Bossy Pants! First time sitting in a shopping cart and he LOVED it. I definitely think he can stop growing up now.

"Uh, Mom? MOM?! She's at it again! Save me!"

We walked past the Valentine's cards and stayed in this spot for about 20 minutes. Wendy was obsessed with all the pinks and reds and cute pictures and handed me card after card to read to her, gushing after each one. Wanna make a child feel loved? Take them to this isle at Target and tell them the cards are written for them :)

Boston got his first ear infection. Took him a while to kick it but he did and he was back to his smiley self. Wendy also got pneumonia again (she got it exactly one year ago) but she got better very quickly.

Wendy Mae is a Sunbeam! She loves to tell me how she's a big girl and gets to go to class with Jane now.

Speaking of those two... They are pretty awesome in the aprons Grandma gave them for Christmas.

And Wendy is pretty awesome in this get-up she put together for her music and movement class. She's pretty cool.

And by "cool" I mean uh... not feeling too cool about handing over her wad of cash to pay me for something she broke. I caved. She got it back.

And this guy? He's got YOUR back (though he was not too happy about me putting those glasses on and the other 200 pictures I took of him wearing them prove that).

Speaking of super heroes... Dr. King had a birthday so naturally we celebrated with cupcakes (Jane's idea). She's been telling me all about him and Rosa Parks non-stop :)

My super hero and princess (matches their personalities perfectly). Cinderella is Wendy's favorite and she's almost always wearing that dress. I love how she says Cinderella, "Findarelela". Makes me laugh every time.

My hummus loving girl playing in the sink while I make dinner. She had no idea she had it all over her face but that's what happens when you lick the container clean :)

I got a hair cut! I think I'm officially done with long locks. I LOVE it short and off my neck/shoulders!

Jane has been obsessed with me doing her hair curly and wants me to do this every time she has a bath. It was fine until Wenders started wanting it too. It takes SOOO long but I can't say no to that sweet girl who just wants to be like her sister (or is it because then they get to watch an hour and a half of cartoons while I braid?...)

One day we had no time between bath and bedtime so I did this not knowing how it would turn out in the morning...

Aaaaaand, for the record, it turns out like this:

I had to tame that wild hair so she wouldn't be sent home from school so we did piggy tails. She got so many compliments I am slightly worried she's hooked on this hair style. Here is a picture of her pretending (like she does EVERY DAY) that she is a cat. Slightly worried about that too...

Wendy's favorite hiding place. She was tucked up in Boston's car seat without showing or moving around for like 20 minutes the other day. I was completely ok with that :)

I put Boston down on the bed and turned around for a minute. This is what I found when I turned back around. Silly Wendy was SO proud of herself for tucking him and her in together.

Chicago got a blizzard! Now I want a Butterfinger Blizzard... mmmmm. The girls had a blast playing on the balcony (so grateful we have that) and Boston and I had a blast playing inside in the warmth.

Later that night, while it was still coming down pretty hard, Brandt and I went on a "date" to the lake to see how crazy it was over there. Absolutely no one was out there, probably because anyone who WAS outside was trying to get their car unstuck. It was CRAZY windy and there were HUGE snow drifts. My two favorite moments were when we rolled over the 4 foot fences because the snow was that high and it was the only way to get closer to the lake and the other moment was when Brandt walked out onto a 5 foot ledge and belly flop-jumped off of it. I screamed and ran to see where he landed and he landed in a 5 foot pile of snow on the other side of it. I declined his request to do it too. We helped one guy get his car out of the snow on the way and 2 other people on the way home (it's only 2 blocks) and there were still about 7 others that we could see that were stuck. Very grateful for a covered parking spot and that we didn't have to drive anywhere!

And, finally, THIS big boy has officially graduated from the bumbo to a booster seat and he LOVES it!

Just practicing his pincer grasp. I love this stage when I can just toss a bunch of puffs on his tray and it occupies him for ages! I think he loves this stage too :)

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