Monday, February 02, 2015

Snow Day Fun

A blizzard hit Chicago yesterday and left over 19 inches of snow (and made some HUGE snow drifts) so school was cancelled today! It was funny telling Jane because when I mentioned school to her she got sad as if she had forgotten it was a school day and then ecstatic when I told her it was cancelled. It was funny seeing her different emotions so quickly. It's not that she dislikes school but she definitely likes playing better :)

We took our time in the morning with breakfast, they did a ton of crafts, and when it was time to take Wendy to preschool (the park district classes were not cancelled) we bundled up a little early so we could play out front first.

It was SO snowy! The front yard had snow almost taller than Wendy and she spent most of the time rolling around like a beached whale saying, "Ahh! Help me! Me need help!" 

Case and point.

Getting their bearings.

And let the fun begin!

First snowball of the season!

And it's heading right towards me!!!

A quick little discussion about how I'm holding the camera and she found another target :)

Sledding time!

This little snow bunny can't ever have enough fun.

Finally it was time to take Wenders to school so she hopped on the sled and off we went!

It's only a couple blocks... luckily.

Aaaaand... turns out her teachers couldn't make it in and only one other kid showed up so they decided not to hold class.

No worries, back on the sled we go and the sisters get to PLAY!

So. Much. Snow!

Jane and I had hot chocolate while Wendy napped and then they were back at it on the balcony playing till every bone in their bodies were frozen. They brought in some snow cones and were BLOWN AWAY when I got out some flavoring. Yes, I know, "ew" buuuuuut, you're only a kid once right? It was a super fun day and I'm so glad Jane got to stay home and play with us! Now... how am I going to get the stroller to her school tomorrow...

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