Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tacos, Cheese and Inside Mouth

Today was just an average day but thinking back on it still makes me laugh. Boston had a doctor appointment (20lbs and 28 inches long at almost 9 months) which was super far away. I googled the doctor's address and it sent me to this building 40 minutes away. I had been to this Dr. once before but went in the wrong entrance that time so I thought maybe it was still the same place. It wasn't, the office was basically abandoned and lights were out. I called the Dr. and asked for their correct address. LUCKILY they were a couple miles away and apparently this wrong place used to be their office a long time ago. So, that was fun. We were a little late for the appointment but still made it AND my favorite taco place was on the way home so we stopped and got some tacos to-go.

Wendy was walking back and forth on the chairs in the waiting area and after a while walked over to me and gave me the sweetest snuggle. I said, "We've got to take some pictures." and pulled out my phone.

My little friend:

 She wanted to take a picture of our mints so here is a picture of our mints:

We spent like 5 minutes taking pictures of ourselves and during that time she dropped the mints out of her mouth three times. I kept giving her new ones and laughing each time it'd happen again. When we got to the car she was opening a new mint to replace the last one that fell and it popped out of the package right onto the filthy Chicago ground. I gave her one more after I got her buckled in and we weren't more than 1 minute away when I hear some choking from the back seat. I turn around and noticed the new mint wasn't in her mouth anymore. I asked her if she was ok and where the mint was and she replied, "In my belly." I couldn't stop laughing at this little girl! 4 fallen mints and one swallowed accidentally. Needless to say we were done with mints for the day.

I dropped her off at school and headed home to chat with my long lost friend Amanda while Boston napped. It was SO good to talk to her as I haven't really talked to her for 14 years (she moved away in grade school and we lost contact).

Then I picked up Wendy from school, played, got Jane from school and then came home for some more playing and then dinner. I gave Boston some cheese cubes for dinner and he was so ridiculous. He LOVED the cheese but refused to pick it up with his own hands. I would put one in his mouth, he'd smile super big and eat it and then scream like he hasn't eaten in 10 years till I put another one in his mouth, rinse and repeat. Ha! I couldn't even get him to eat any initially and as I walked away to get something, Jane hopped up from her chair, sat it mine and shoved a piece in his tightly closed mouth. As I walked back she said, "It's the best when he cries because then his mouth is open and you can put food in." She's gonna make a great mom. :)

The plan was to make the girls pizzas on tortillas but when it came time to make them I realized we were out of tortillas. I was defeated for a minute until I realized I have a quick recipe for tortillas and all the ingredients so the girls helped me make them. Best decision of the day was letting them have some of the dough to play with while I rolled the rest of the dough out. It occupied them for ages and they loved every minute. Jane used a cookie cutter on hers so I heated that one up and she ate a palm tree tortilla. Wendy just played with her "playdough" as she called it, trying out different things. Playdough is definitely on our list of things we need now.

Brandt worked late tonight so the bedtime routine was all me. When it was Jane's turn for brushing, flossing and prayer she was going crazy. It was hard to wrangle her but I managed and after she was all done she sat on my lap complaining about some pain in the back of her mouth. She asked what that part of her mouth was called and I thought about it for a minute and just said, "Uh, I think it's just called inside mouth." She thought that was THE funniest thing. She almost died laughing so hard without breathing. She asked me to say, "inside mouth" a million times and laughed the same way every time. Saying her prayer was, um, impossible because she kept looking at my face which was trying really hard not to smile each time she giggled about "inside mouth" so I just said it for her. She's hilarious.

And I get to do all of this again tomorrow but with different jokes, difficulties, mishaps and snuggles. Can't wait!

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