Thursday, February 19, 2015

The best job

Some days are tough, some days are painful, some days are exhausting but days like today make every day worth it. I was doing some late night kitchen cleaning and as I swept up the mountain of crumbs from around the table a flood of happy and fun feelings swelled in my heart. It was a good day.

School was closed for the 4th day this year due to extreme cold (I think it was -8 at one point without windchill?) so we got to keep Janie Babe home with us! She was so excited when I told her to get dressed in play clothes instead of school clothes and jumped with joy. We spent the morning playing and coloring and doing her first 50 piece puzzle. Jane and Wendy played so well together and Jane and Boston loved laughing together.

I had a neighbor take care of Boston so I wouldn't have to bring him outside for Wendy's art class so it was just the girls and I and they had so much fun making a paper gumball machine with fuzzy pompoms. We then ate lunch together and Wendy napped while Jane and I chatted, worked and did another puzzle. After Wendy got up I got serious about making dinner to bring to some friends and pretty much did that while wrangling all three kids until dinner was dropped off and we were fed ourselves. My favorite moment this evening was surprising them with licking the icing off the beater and spatula. I called out to them in their room, "Who wants to lick the icing off the beater!?" They came running. Then I squirted the extra icing from the piping bag into their mouths and they couldn't even believe what was happening.

Seems like a typical day but we don't get to see Jane very much since she started Kindergarten and it was so nice to be together. I was actually thinking today how, though I think I would go mad, it might actually be nice to homeschool Jane. 7 hours is a long time away and we all miss her.

A few things about the little spirits I've been so privileged to take care of...

Jane: She can laugh and has so much energy! She LOVES playing, coloring, reading, "guiding" Wendy in playing pretend. She LOVES getting Boston to laugh. I think they are going to be best friends. She is still quite the hurricane but she is SO sweet and loves to snuggle me. She never forgets I need that from my "first baby". I still hear her ask, "Can I be your kitty that listens and obeys?" ALL. THE. TIME. So, she's almost always a kitty.

Wendy: She's funny. This girl. I'm still trying to figure her out. She's very strong willed but also super willing to help. Sometimes she'll just do or say something so random it cracks me up. Like today in the car she started laughing so hard for no reason (I think it was to just hear how it would sound). She always rushes to grab me things when I ask (and don't ask, like my phone... she's always bringing it to me for no reason) and is such a great helper. Sometimes she'll tell me, "just minute" when she's too busy to do what I need and she's so cute saying it I can't help but allow her that minute. She's such a girlie girl and is almost always wearing her Cinderella dress. She's never taken dance but she is actually quite the graceful ballet dancer. I've got to sign her up for that and expand her talent. I do love this girl so much. She has got such a soft heart inside her little body. She just got up to go potty and after she was done she said, "you hold mine hand to mine room?" Of course I will, any day!

Boston: This kid is an angel. I adore him. I could hold him all day every day if my back would allow (he's getting pretty heavy). He is so smiley. So smiley, it's almost like he's rewarding you for taking the time to look at him by giving you a huge smile. He is very ticklish and I can't help but tickle him A LOT because I love his laugh. Maybe it's a third time mom thing but I am seriously enjoying this baby. With Jane I was always looking forward to the future, the next milestone, making sure to capture everything. With Wendy I was so stressed out trying to deal with two kids and the change in Jane after having Wendy (it was a hard adjustment on her). I just thought two kids was really hard. Three has been a breeze. I'm able to live in the moment and take in him being a baby. Don't get me wrong, I'm exhausted a lot (should have gone to bed 2 hours ago) but we are in a good place right now. I could have 10 more Boston babies easy.

I have the best job. I am so grateful every day that I get to stay home with, laugh with, bond with, grow with these three kids. I've never wanted a different job and though mine is waaaaaaaaay more demanding than office jobs, mine is waaaaaaaaaaay more awesome. I would only change one thing-- maybe I could get some sick/vacation leave every once in a while? :)

My Wenders: She's awesome.

Enjoying my left-over cereal milk (which she demands every morning that I have cereal after she's already eaten).

Janers after building her "first project with REAL nails". 

It was so fun taking her to do this last Saturday.

Friends. Friends with heart eyes :)

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