Friday, February 13, 2015

Winter at the beach

Going through my phone I found a bunch of pictures and videos from this winter that never made it on the blog. I love the beach in the summer but it's also fun in the winter. Here are some pictures that remind me of the bitter cold from this winter!

This kid and this outfit.

I bought this bunting outfit for Jane when she was this age and Wendy never really got to use it because her size/seasons were different but it was perfect for Boston! 

I LOVE him in it!

We rode our bikes to this beach this day. Wendy's balance has gotten SO good!

 Naturally the real reason we went to the beach was to check the meters and guess what Jane found!?!?

So excited!!

 One reason we love the beach in the winter is because of how cool the ice and sand mixture is. Here are my cute girls about to throw their rocks in the water. They were both hesitant to part ways with the rocks they very carefully picked out but... they go!

 On a different day we thought it might be warm enough to head over to the beach park. For some reason I forget about the 15 degree difference along the beach so it was quite chilly.

That didn't bother my happy kiddo!

Some fun swinging giggles from Bossy Boy:

Can't wait to spend way more time at the beach this summer!!

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