Wednesday, April 01, 2015

A wonderful month of Wenders

Oh Wendy... and by "oh" I mean "you adorable little funny girl". Wendy is a smart, super cute, feisty, cuddly little munchkin and I'm really loving her these days. I'm loving watching her face as it goes through 569 expressions trying to convey to me what she wants. I'm loving listening to her learn new words and say them for the first time (somehow I know if she's never said a word before and we celebrate when she randomly says a new word like it was nothing). We butt heads a lot because she's a clone of me but somehow I can just look at her and fall completely in love even if we've both just lost our patience with each other.

Here are some pictures from March of my funny girl:

One day after brushing her hair after a bath I just had to take a picture of this sweet girl.

She LOVES baths. Every time I say the word "bath" (whether it's for me or them or anyone in the world) she runs to the bathroom, strips down in half a second and asks for a toy bath. Her world ends if I have to tell her it has to be a quick bath with no toys.

She loves grabbing my stuff and bringing it to me as if I've forgotten it. Usually it's my cell phone but this day she came out wearing my glasses all cute and silly like. Silly girl. One day she came out and said, "I'm a mother!", over and over. We couldn't tell what she meant but she kept touching her ears so I moved her hair out of the way to see what she meant and sure enough, she was wearing my ear plugs! So funny she thinks wearing ear plugs makes you a mother!

She is obsessed with doing things like me. If she walks in on me putting on mascara she always requests she get some too. I usually let her and this day she wanted lipstick too (which I only bought for fun... I don't wear it). You could tell she felt so awesome.

I think she looked awesome, too.

She hardly looks 3 here.

My sassy 3 year old.

Speaking of sassy... this girl WILL NOT give up her thumb! We broke Jane of it by now but Wendy is her own person and doesn't work like Jane does. It's hard to tell her to stop too because she'll sit in our laps, sucking her thumb for forever, giving us the best cuddles but the moment we remind her to stop sucking her thumb it's over. I'll take snuggles over straight teeth any day (she's gonna need braces anyway soooo...) **Update: She's ALMOST done sucking her thumb as of August 2015. Fingers crossed!

I love watching my kids watch shows. I also love this girl in her pajamas.

Ahhhh... the life.

Anytime Wendy wants something she says, "I give you my pennies if you...". It cracks us up. I had to get it on video to capture her cute voice as she says it:

Lastly, Wenders and I went and got free cones on Free Cone Day at DQ. Her eyes! She can't wait to dig in!

 Trying to enjoy every day with this girl before she gets too much older. We love you Wendy Mae!

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Danielle said...

Love little Wendy!! Her Bargaining soooo cute haha!!!