Saturday, April 25, 2015

April in Utah

We decided last minute to go to Utah for Spring Break because, why not?! It's so hard having to wait for fun trips because Jane is in real school now but I'm glad we took this opportunity to go to Utah. She missed a couple days of school but it's Kindergarten and she's doing super well in class so we figured it would be ok and it was. Here's all the fun things we did:

 After-Easter clearance at Target. I took Jane by herself and she brought some of the money she found in her Easter eggs so she got to buy a chocolate bunny. She LOVED it. It's fun making their dreams come true.

Proving she's doing well in school, she found a place to relax and read a book:

She was probably in the toy box for a good half hour just reading the words quietly out loud.

Grandma's swings are one of their favorite things about visiting. Silly me was taking pictures of Wendy having a blast and didn't realize I was a little too close for Brandt's ginormous pushes and got kicked right in the face. They got a good laugh out of it :)

My sister asked all of us siblings to send selfies for a project she was working on and this was mine. Probably one of 5 pictures I like of myself. Now my kids will know what I look like since I'm rarely in pictures.

At the shoe store trying to find the one pair in the world wide enough for Wendy's monster feet...
Wendy: Mom, you buy these for you!
Me: Uh, I'm not going to get those Wendy.
Wendy: Why?
Me: Because I couldn't even walk in them.
Wendy: Yes you can, watch me. (Puts one on and walks around) See?! Now you buy these?

This is how we bike ride at Grandma's:

Jane cracks me up:

I got to attend my first General Conference session at the Conference Center! Beautiful, beautiful day and it was amazing.

 Naturally we stopped by Krispy Kreme to watch the donuts be made and ate enough sugar for a month. "Make silly faces!"

My pretty Jane:

Our bellies were full and our hearts were happy. Perfect adventure.

Aunt Angela and her family drove from Idaho to see us for just a few hours! I can't believe they did that and it was especially nice because I got to meet my niece Julie in person for the first time! Ang took a few pictures of my kids and they make me smile, remembering those few hours. Beautiful Wenders:

I love his smile!


We also got haircuts like we do every time we are in Utah. Jane was so excited to get a balloon and sucker. I tried getting a picture of Wendy but they didn't turn out even though her haircut surely did and was amazingly adorable.

"Mom, can I get this binder? That way when I go to college I can just hold it like this and I'll be ready." Seriously Jane?! You're amazing.

Our flight home was delayed 3 hours and we ALMOST just stayed in Utah for the weekend because Jane would have only missed 2 more days of school but right before we were about to, they said we'd be able to leave in the next half hour. It was so hard to leave, we all love it in Utah, but it was good to come home and get back in a routine. Here are the girls resting on Brandt way late at night while we waited on our bags. Sweet girls.

Jane transitioned really well back into life and school but Wendy didn't. I probably shouldn't have made her go to school the next day after getting no sleep that night because I think it ruined it for her. She was so tired and school was during her nap time so when something fell on her at school she freaked out and couldn't recover emotionally. I tried sending her again two days later but she was so traumatized by the emotions of the first day back that she went into full panic mode. The next few weeks she would scream and hold onto the door frame so I couldn't enter the building. I decided it wasn't worth the drama so we were done with preschool for the rest of the Spring session. It was better for everyone and she got to nap during those hours instead.

We miss Utah an our family there so we'll have to visit again sooooooooon!

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