Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Boston Bunny

It's been a while (like a month) since I sat Boston down for some photos and since I have the PERFECT quilt for an Easter backdrop (thanks Aunt Susan!), I made it happen. First, this boy is a dream. Sure, we had a few rough days last week with him not wanting to eat and he wasn't his normal chipper self during that time but those days are SO few it's unbelievable. I seriously can't even believe he's mine! I know I don't deserve him, that's for sure.

He's started scooting a little while in sitting position and can slowly, with great effort, scoot/crawl on his belly if he's on carpet or my bed. He gives sloppy high fives on command and gives the best light-up-the-world smiles whenever he sees me. He loves Jane, swings, his tooth brush, baths, his thumb, riding in his car seat and reaching his arms out of his crib to grab the girl's animals or play kitchen, both of which sit next to his crib. He tolerates Wendy (Ha! She's a little too rough with him.) and getting his face wiped off. He hates noodles, hearing his sisters cry and... that's all I can think of!

His stats from his 9 month check-up:
Height: 29 5/8 inches (55th %)
Weight: 20 pounds (40th %)

Here's my little Bossy Bunny:

Happy Easter from Boston!

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