Thursday, April 30, 2015

Random April

Here are some fun things that we captured from the month of April:

My little mover Boston... there are easier ways to get toys buddy.

I signed Wendy up for swim class and she loves it!

I can't get enough of her in her swimsuit and swim cap:

I think the only reason she's ok with with the class though, is because her bestie Ina (on the left) is in it too:

Splash splash!

One day while Wendy was somewhere else, I took Boston on a walk along the lake:

 Such a beautiful day...

Beautiful city in the background...

 And beautiful baby... I love him SO much!

 On our way to get Jane from school another day, Boston looked just too cute in his new coat. I think he looks like one of the seven dwarfs. So kissable!

 After brushing her teeth she exclaimed, "Now I'm all ready for date! Now I'm already for a date!" Luckily after saying it about 15 times she said, "Mom, can we go on date now?"

 Jane's gotten good at lifting Boston and moving him around. She's taken it to a whole new level. I guess it IS a baby stroller...

Me: "What in the world?!"
Jane: "I made a trail for him to follow and he can eat it as he goes so he doesn't get hungry!!"
1. It led out to the balcony. 2. She got to clean that up. 3. No idea what Wendy is doing.

And lastly, the girls just relaxing at the balcony spa :)

Some funny quotes from the kids this month...

"When I am mom I have 6 kids and 7 daddies and THAT (points to my meatloaf Lean Cuisine)." When I was a kid I had slightly different aspirations than Wendy but a kid can dream...

My favorite thing right now is that Wendy mistakenly says, "just chicken" instead of "just kidding"...
"Mom, I hiding! Juuuust chicken!"
"Mom, no more tissues! Juuuust chicken!" 🐓

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