Thursday, April 30, 2015

Surprise 10 Year Anniversary Trip

Our 10 year anniversary was coming up in a couple months so I took advantage of being in Utah where there is family to watch the kids to book an overnight surprise getaway with Brandt. I asked Ann to take the kids to Thanksgiving Point while Brandt and I shopped at the outlets and then after a couple hours of shopping, Brandt said we should probably get back. FINALLY I was able to spill the beans of the surprise I'd been planning for months and told him we weren't in a rush because we didn't need to get back till the next day. He was totally confused. It took him a while to understand that I'd book us a trip which wasn't the reaction I was hoping for but he finally understood. My favorite part was him asking what we'd do about clothes and everything and I got to tell him I'd secretly packed everything we'd need in the car. Wife win.

I booked a stay in Logan at the Anniversary Inn because I thought one of their rooms was a perfect and super funny surprise so we started our 2 hour journey there after stopping for lunch.

The first picture of our trip! Two young kids (ok, we were actually young 10 years ago but whatever) in love:

So that room I thought would be perfect turned out to be a total bust. It was a room with a "drive-in" theme and the bed was the bed of a truck. When we were dating in college, we used to go to the drive-in in Brandt's truck and make a bed out of the back for all of our pals to relax in while we watched the movies. I thought the "drive-in" room was perfect because it's from when we first met but the moment we opened the door we knew it was a mistake. The floor was linoleum, it was completely uninviting and not comfortable to even be in AND it smelled like a mechanic's garage with zero ventilation because there weren't any windows. We immediately went to the front desk and asked to switch rooms. I'm glad we did because we got to choose this room that was very relaxing and comfortable. I introduce you to the "African Safari":

Yeah, it was pretty dorky but it was the perfect escape from our busy life.

We went out for pizza for dinner and spent the evening NOT putting the kids to bed or worrying about them. Grandparents are amazing.

A full night's sleep later... we woke up after 8(!!!)... we took our time eating breakfast and then packed up for our trip back to Orem. However, we did stop at this dairy factory first. I love this man. Like, seriously, I couldn't have chosen a better man to be my companion.

10 years (a few months early) and 3 kids later we couldn't be happier.

Life is definitely different than it was when we met or while we worked before kids but it's our life and we feel so blessed to... a family.

To many more years and years and a couple more crazy kids :)

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