Friday, April 24, 2015

They make me laugh

Sometimes when Jane comes home from school, after being gone for 7 hours, it takes a little time for her and Wendy to learn how to play together again. Lately it's been great but today was not so great. Jane kept saying to Wendy that she wanted to be alone and have her own space. Wendy did not like that idea. They played off and on, between fighting, and at dinner they had this conversation:

Jane: I just want to be by myself.
Wendy: I just be with you!
Jane: No, I just want to be by myself!
Wendy: I say I be with you!
Jane: You CAN be with me!
Wendy: Yeah!
Jane: It's like the same thing. I mean, you CAN but I actually mean the opposite. You know, like you can't. Yeah, like not even really.
Wendy: Hmmm. Ok.

At least they worked it out.

And during prayer tonight Wendy threw in there, "And that Jane not go to jail." I pray she doesn't too!

What's Boston up to? Crying... Yup, in between smiles he's all crying. He's learned to sit up in his crib and pull himself up onto his knees and feet so that developmental leap is a little rough on him. He also suddenly became OBSESSED with me. Even if I turn around so my back is facing him he cries like it's the end of the world. Poor kid is going to get exactly what he wants because those crocodile tears break my heart and I just love him so much! Looks like nothing is going to be getting done around here except snuggling while he's so sensitive.

At least today was a day where I didn't raise my voice at all (even though everyone else did). Who's the winner!?
My three cuties:

 Enjoying the tulips after school:

Maybe not EVERYONE was enjoying the tulips... Can't. Breathe.:

Thank you Spring, for finally coming our way! Can't wait to spend more time outside!

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