Friday, May 08, 2015

First Stitches: A Nightmare

Today has been hard but let me go back to the beginning...

Last Sunday, while Brandt was at a church meeting an hour away, I was in the bathroom helping Wendy when I hear a blood curdling scream, "He's cut! He's cut!" I ran into the living room, looked at Boston and started yelling, "Where!? What happened!?", because I didn't see anything wrong... AND THEN... blood started pouring from Boston's face. Both girls were screaming next to me as I tried sopping up the blood with Boston screaming and batting his fists at me. I couldn't do it on my own.

I grabbed Boston and ran downstairs to my friend's apartment where I knocked on her door and said, "I need one of you to come up with me. It's an emergency and I need another adult." She came up with me and helped me calm the girls, figure out what I should do with Boston, and the best thing was asking if I wanted her to say a prayer. I hadn't even thought of it! She said the prayer I needed and I knew I needed to take Boston to the hospital. She took the girls and I took Boston to the ER.

{ At this moment I didn't quite know what had happened as Jane was really too traumatized to explain but throughout the week I think I got the full story. My sharp scissors were on Jane's craft table. Jane grabbed them, opened them and then decided she didn't want to use them so she set them down and grabbed a book that was now under the scissors. Grabbing the book caused the scissors to fall on the floor and since Boston was on the floor next to her, he grabbed them. She said, "There was a ball under my chair and it made me stuck. I tried to scoot out and get the scissors from him but I couldn't and then he cut himself." Boston brought the open scissors to his mouth and then closed them. }

Many tears had been shed by me. My baby's beaming smile would never be the same! My boy! I could hardly keep calm as I got him registered but was trying my best. A guy in his 20's walked past and Boston smiled at him. He said, "Oh man! This kid! He's the coolest! Man, he's got the best smile! Hey man, you gotta come over and see this kid (talking to his friend). He's so beautiful! He's the coolest kid!"

I lost it. I started bawling. Here is this guy who looks like he's way too cool for school and probably in a biker gang and he's telling me that my son who was cut from cheek to cheek was beautiful... the very thing I was heartbroken about. Can you say angel!?

We got a room and the doctor came in. The very first thing he said was, "Oh no! (laughing) You look like The Joker!" I do realize that he did look quite a lot like The Joker but it was not funny. The very worst thing he could say. They decided he needed two stitches on his left side. Thank heavens the rest of the cut was minimal after a good cleaning. The process of getting the stitches was a nightmare. I first had to hold his head but emotionally I couldn't so a doctor switched me and I had to hold his arms. The whole time he just screamed and sweat and tears covered his face. His eyes were locked on me saying, "Why!? Why are you letting this happen to me!? You're my mom!" It was awful and it took me at least a day to recover from that. He wouldn't let me put him down the rest of the night. He was only happy in my arms, held tight. The next day he was his chipper, smiley self and his wound looked much better.

Boston the next day:

Fast forward 5 days later. I was so excited to get the stitches out. I knew he'd be more comfortable when I massaged it with ointment if they were out. Unfortunately it was a nightmare again. 

The stitches were pretty tight and the Dr. couldn't get his hook scissors under them. He thought he had so he made the snip but he had actually missed the stitch and instead hooked into his wound and snipped right through it. It took ALL I had not to punch him. I am still so mad about it. I had offered so much help/advice during all this but he kept saying he could get it. After lots more blood, tears, sweat and pain from Boston and me having to watch those betrayed eyes as I held his arms, the Dr. got the stitches out 15 minutes later.

So, Boston has more healing to do and will probably (definitely) scar now. But, it could have been way worse.

I think I've cried enough this week (and eaten a lot of ice cream). I'm ready for happy. Today was Jane's birthday but with all that's happened (and her waking everyone up at 4am) we decided to really celebrate tomorrow. She got Lucky Charms for breakfast and McDonald's for dinner (both her choices... yuck) but we'll really party and do gifts tomorrow when everyone has happier hearts.

So grateful for a generally healthy family! I don't think I could handle worse! Lesson learned: Even if the kids can't reach dangerous things (knives/scissors), they can fall or get knocked off the counter/table and then become super dangerous. Put things away when you're not using them!

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Brody & Jenni said...

Oh Christina! I'm so sad you guys had to go through this ): Poor little Boss! What a trooper you all are!