Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Jane is SIX!

Jane turned 6 earlier this month! She has GOT to stop aging! I already wish I could remember her as a toddler better and am thankful for my blog that recorded her toddler-hood pretty well. She made me a mom so each of her birthdays is extra special.

Her actual birthday was pretty rough. The day started off on a super sour note by her waking up the whole house at 4am so we decided it would be better to REALLY celebrate the next day when we'd have more time and Brandt would be home. I did surprise her with a cereal she'd been wishing for, Lucky Charms, and sent her off to school with a sugar-high and balloons with sticks for her class (they aren't allowed to have treats at school-- booooo to CPS).

When I picked her up from school she was beaming with a crown she got from her teacher and her balloon:

We hopped in the car and headed to Toys R Us so she could get her birthday balloon and spend the $3 she got in the mail from them. I decided I am just throwing that envelope away when I get it in the mail in the future. It's the worst! She only gets three bucks from them and only one thing in the whole store costs that much but we always spend at least an hour combing over every toy and me having to tell her "no". But, she had fun and in the end went with a $3 pony (that she doesn't care about any more).

We decided to pick up Brandt from work instead of heading home since we were already so far away from home and then he could join us for dinner at Jane's restaurant choice... McDonald's! Brandt HATES McDonald's and tried talking her out of it for months but she was the birthday girl so we went where she wanted (though Brandt got out of the car, ran to Chick-fil-A and met us on the other side of the drive-thru).

Got the kids in bed and woke up the next day happy, ready to celebrate AND party!

We started off the morning with some German pancakes (her fave) and a present scavenger hunt. The night before she opened a fortune cookie that said, "You will receive a gift from an unusual source." It was one of the truest fortunes because one of her gifts was 538 box tops from many friends and family members on Facebook. She was beyond excited and talked all weekend about showing Mr. D. on Monday:

After cleaning and running around town getting things ready for her birthday party it was time to par-tay!

She chose a "heart" theme and wanted it to be girls only (it's starting!):

She chose the snacks for the party, 2 kinds of BBQ chips and veggies. I love my well-rounded girly!

Jane and the first few guests started off the party with some crafting, using her new paper pad and mini tapes that she got that morning:

Next was dressing up and clowning around. For the first time, I could tell she didn't want her mom hanging out with her and her friends so I gave her some space and just let the kids be. She's getting too big too fast!

Once everyone got there, they made beaded necklaces:

Then, they decorated their own cupcakes:

She was so careful, taking her time to make it perfect:

Janie and her friends:
(not pictured is her teacher from school who Jane made sure to invite)

About to sing happy birthday:

The last activity (those 2 hours FLEW by) was "pass the parcel". Brandt wrapped up some sweets 18 times and when the music stopped, the child holding it got to take off a layer. It was so funny watching them because they didn't know how many times it was wrapped or what was inside. They were going NUTS wondering when they'd get to the prize!

After most of the girls left, she opened the gifts they brought and the rest of the day was low-key after we cleaned up.

She had a super fun day and all the work was beyond worth it. Happy birthday Jane-Bo!

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