Saturday, May 02, 2015

My 30th

So I don't look back and think, "Now, what did I do for my 30th birthday?", I am making a note of what went down here:

I woke up WAAAY too early for a birthday girl. 6am baby. The kids have been waking early the last little bit and today was a record. That was their gift to me. After we gathered our composure we headed south for some yummy donuts at Stan's Donuts. Delicious. Birthday donuts are a must.

When we got back, Brandt took the girls to a park while I stayed home so Boston could nap. And, what did I do with the kid-free hour I had on my birthday? Clean my bathroom! Isn't that what a 30 year old is supposed to do? I'm so ready for this.

I took Wendy to swim class (she rocked it), did a little decorating for Jane's "heart" party next week, played with mister Bossy pants and then we headed back downtown for my birthday dinner. Traffic was awful. It took us like an hour to get where we were going and once we finally got to the restaurant we noticed all the streets were blocked off and hundreds of people were walking around for some sort of activity at the restaurant. Boo. We decided to hit up one of Brandt's favorite places, Big and Littles. We had a delicious fish taco and Hawaiian burger and only spilled one full cup of water! My favorite part of the evening, besides the yummy food was seeing a guy in a car right next to us, clip his fingernails outside his window as he waited for a light. Why have I been wasting my home life doing it! I could have saved so much time clipping them on the go!

My bestie Nicole made me her famous lemon blueberry cake for my birthday so we picked that up on the way home, put the kids down and are now breathing. Yeesh! It's been a long day but the best I could have hoped for. I love my family and friends... they make life amazing. Here's to 30! I swore I wouldn't cook a Thanksgiving turkey till I was old (meaning 30) so I guess I'm hosting this year!

Oh, and a funny from today... It's also Wendy's half birthday. I hadn't planned on giving her anything or doing much for it but she pulled out a cute stuffed animal I had been hiding in the closet for this past Easter so I exclaimed, "Happy half birthday Wendy!" She was beyond excited. Win for everyone!

 At the donut shop. Chocolate everywhere!

I gave this little boy 3 pieces of my donut and after a thorough examination he was a big fan.

At swim class. She jumped SO high and SO far.

At dinner:

These two kill me! 

These two? THEY are just crazy. "Mom, I need you to come here so I can lay down and you can fan me." -Jane

And, two seconds later you get Jane kicking Wendy and Wendy screaming and clawing Jane. The other people at the restaurant loved us, I'm sure.

Fun times! It's been a great 30 years. Traveling backwards, I had three kids, worked at a design firm with Brandt, moved to Chicago, graduated from BYU-Idaho, got married, graduated high school, was a super awkward teenager (who would only re-live that if I knew what I do now), had a fun childhood and was born. Thanks for that mom (and dad)!

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