Sunday, May 31, 2015

Random May

Wow, I took a lot of pictures in May! Probably because it's full of celebrations--my birthday, Wendy's half birthday, Jane's birthday, Mother's Day and lots of funny day-to-day things that happen. I love my life! Here are some fun memories from May:

Jane gets a free cupcake at Barnes and Noble each year for her birthday. It's a fun tradition going and splitting it three ways (next year will be four ways).

I FINALLY learned how to do this little twist! I'm obsessed with it and love keeping their hair out of their faces with it!

Little dude is pretty obsessed with me these days. I can't leave the room or even turn around without him crying to see my face again. In a way it makes life difficult but the smile I get when he sees me again melts my heart. Every. Time.

The girls were watching a movie and I decided to join them so I sat in between them and they both cuddled into me.

 It was a fabulous half hour and the best gift they could have given me. Happy Mother's Day!

This day was brought to you by the color pink.

My first child to demand dressing herself and if she looks this cute I'm ok with it.

You know, just the coolest girl in school munching on some grapes at pick-up...

Before school donut run reward because they didn't wake mommy too early in the morning. Bribery has a place when Dad is on work trips.

Boston's first time in a swimming pool... lasted 2 minutes. Someone is not a fan...

I had to make sure to get a good picture of his reaction before getting him out.

I don't know who loves it more-- him swinging in the swing or me seeing his cute little self swinging in the swing??

2-mile walk home. Do we train it or walk it? Easy, ice cream is cheaper than a train pass and yummier.

The girls were totally happy with the decision.

WHAT!? Their favorite Uncle Pat sent them each a surprise barbie in the mail. They were so excited!

This picture just makes me smile. Her cute, proud smile and adorable drawing with googly eyes!

Babysitting my friend's baby who is the same age as Boston and imagining I had twins. If it were Boston and Alana I could TOTALLY do it.

Pretending I'm cool on the last day of my 20's. (First time on the board since my accident 10 years before. I was scared to death!)

Us and 2 million other people decided to play at Maggie Daley park on this beautiful day. Wasn't our best decision and I probably have grey hair now but the kids slept well that night!

Jane LOVES Boston.

And he loves her too but you know... personal space :)

Jane showed me a new pose she learned. Ha! Can she throw that hip out any further!? Stop growing up!

My patriotic girlies all ready for church.

Their smiles make all the hard days more than worth it.

I think red, white and blue are definitely their colors. 

This picture. I have no words, just a happy, happy heart.

Boston enjoyed his first slice of watermelon ever and got his second bath of the day after this picture was taken.

This girl could puddle jump EVERY day. She LOVES playing in any form of water.

Boston got ear tubes to help stop his constant ear tubes. I personally think he's the cutest little patient.

He was a dream! He didn't even fuss when he woke up and all the nurses were drooling over him. He cuddled in my arms so calm and content for a good half hour before leaving which was the best ever. Got some donuts and headed home!

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