Thursday, June 04, 2015

Boston Knight: One Year!

 Who just turned one?

 So hard to believe not long ago he was a 6 pound baby all fresh and new to this world!

This has probably been one of the best years of my life. Boston is one awesome dude and life could be complete now. We all love him so much and his almost never ending smiles are the best thing in the world.

 Apologies in advance to any other boys we have... a bar has been set.

This kid. He just kills me. He's the perfect third child. People always say the third is the hardest but I have to say it's been the easiest. Part of it has to be that we've kind of adjusted to being parents and having multiple children but it's probably mostly his temperament and personality. He is always just so happy!

He is always trying to get other people's attention wherever we are and when he gets it, he rewards the person with a huge grin. I think he's changed at least 5 people's minds about not having more children (I'm not even kidding, they've told me just short of, "I'm going home right now and trying to have another baby.")

He is the sweetest. When I hold him to sing to him before putting him down for a nap (twinkle twinkle is his favorite song), he just leans into me and sucks his thumb. I almost don't want to put him down and instead, hold him for hours. It breaks his heart when someone cries and he has enormous tears rolling down his face the moment someone starts crying. We have a rule in the house that you can't cry loud or around Boston because it makes him so sad.

He loves being held or riding in the stroller, just taking things in. He pretty much only gets cranky when he's tired or hungry and those are pretty fixable things.

This stinker has been pretty needy since he ate the scissors and fusses if I put him down and walk away but if I just give him my time instead of cooking or cleaning (which I would rather ignore anyway) it makes the day pretty magical.

Little dude has had 8 teeth since 8 months, crawls SUPER fast like a monkey (on one knee and one foot), loves food (for sure lets us know when he's done), hasn't liked baby toys since he was about 8 months, says, "dada" but I'm working really hard to get him to say "mama" and he is a great sleeper. He is almost always standing while holding onto something whether it's the back of my legs, chairs or play kitchen. He LOVES to walk while we hold his hands and walk behind him, he's getting really good at listening when we tell him "not for baby" and oh my goodness... he loves being tickled and has THE BEST laugh (that goes on for ages). Lastly, he always tries to crawl away during diaper changes just to be funny or escape when our front door is open and he loves baths and riding in his bike seat on my bike.

Jane adores him and considers him her best friend. Wendy loves to touch/hold/squish/sit on/pick up/love on him. Brandt beams when he sees him after a long day of work. I can't imagine life with out him.

He definitely put the "Boss" in "Boston".

I cannot wait for him to nap less so I can spend more time with him each day. He definitely has a light about him and we feel so SO blessed to be his family. Boss/Bossy/Bossy Boy/Boss Man, we LOVE you!!!

A few additional things for sake of looking back... He doesn't talk or sign like the girls did at this age but he's pretty good at letting us know if something is up. When I ask him if he wants milk and he does, his demeanor completely changes and he give you the "yes" smile. He does give sloppy high-fives but doesn't wave or clap yet. He's had a pretty crazy year health-wise compared to the girls but I'm super thankful it's not as bad as it could be. I'll take a couple surgeries, ear infections, dozens of colds, eyelid skin scares, stitches, etc. when it means he's otherwise just perfect. He still takes two naps for sure (9am-11amish and 1pm-3pmish) and though he could take three we skip the last nap so he goes to sleep better at night (7pm-7am). He's in 12-18 month clothes for sure (the kid is long... stats to come next week). He's still eating purees but this week he's starting to eat more of our food so I think I'm going to get rid of the rest of the baby food in a couple days. I think that's it! Yay for year number 2!

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