Saturday, June 27, 2015

Branson Trip Part 1

Brandt's parents organized an amazing trip to Branson this summer! It's only 6 hours away so we drove and met them there. We'd never been there before so we had a blast seeing and experiencing it for the first time.

Here are the girls on the drive there. We were happy to have a few minutes of coordinated nap time :)

Once there we did SO many things. One of which was eating the Lambert's Cafe with the whole family. Boston loved the fried okra they passed around despite the look on his face here.

Brandt's parents let us have our own little house and they stayed next door with Brody and his family. It was a very comfortable place and very needed because it was over 100 degrees most days! I love my silly kids!

We went out to the lake to see if we could get a canoe but there was some flooding before we came so they didn't rent boats that week. Luckily we did find an enormous chair to take a picture in!

Along with a little scooter that the girls LOVED "driving".

The place we probably spent most of our time was at the resort's swimming pool. We usually went while Boston napped (while Saint Roy would stay back and listen for him) but one day we took the little turkey out to see how he liked it. He didn't love it but tolerated it enough. Being randomly sprayed by different things when you're not expecting it isn't much fun for a 12 month old.

Wendy sure loved it.

So did Jane. Jane even went down the huge tube slide a few times solo. She didn't want to after the first time but gained braveness as the week went on.

She's always been a fish.

Me and my bossy boy!

One day after swimming we went to craft time at the resort.

Little crab hands!

I even made one and let Jane paint my hands for me. Eek!

Another day we went downtown to Branson Landing to see the fountain show. We missed the fountain show by two minutes so we stayed until it ran again the next hour. It was SOOOOO hot! We were seriously swimming in sweat after 2 minutes of walking around.

Family selfie! Note to self. Wait for the family selfie until kids are done chewing their granola bars!

Later that afternoon we went to a Shanghai Acrobat show thanks to Grandma Brinkerhoff. Here are the girls during intermission after Grandma took them out to the lobby for a snack. Jane's mind was blown watching them do all their tricks! Hi Jenni and Brody!

And for even more, check out Branson Trip Part 2!

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