Sunday, June 28, 2015

Branson Trip Part 2

 One of the most exciting days of our trip was going to Silver Dollar City! We were lucky enough to leave Boston with Grandpa and were joined by Grandma. We had SO much fun! It was pretty busy when we first got there but after mid-day it seemed pretty empty so we were able to do a lot.

Jane and Wendy at a kid-sized house!

We made our way to our first roller coaster. Wendy was too little so Brandt and Ann went first while we watched her and then it was our turn. Jane was so excited. I was nervous because it looked like a fast roller coaster and my gut feeling was confirmed when Brandt and Ann rolled up after their ride motioning and saying, "No! It is NOT a ride for Jane! Jane, you do NOT want to do this!" There was no deterring Jane. I mean, look at her! Doesn't she look excited!? Well, it didn't go very well... the ride was SO fast I thought she was going to fly out of her seat and spent the whole ride holding onto her while she looked at me terrified as if she was saying, "You're my mom! I trusted you!" Afterward she whispered in my ear, "My tummy hurts" but put on a brave face. Later she told me she was so scared she didn't breathe the whole time. Poor girl! It took a while to get fun Jane back but she did come back and had a fun time.

She came back around the time we got to the front of the next ride... a much slower ride...

The girls found a giant firehouse dog!

Probably my favorite time of the day was when Brandt and Ann went to ride big rides and I took the girls to the kid part. There were hardly any people in this part of the park so they didn't have to wait to ride any ride. It was so fun taking them on ride after ride!

So fun!

They loved it and I loved watching them!

Ha! Their faces! By this point they were pretty wiped out and tired of the heat but they wouldn't stop riding rides! On the rides where I would have to go with Wendy but Jane couldn't sit alone, Jane was so brave and social and would ask bigger kids and adults to sit with her so she could ride it. They all loved her and didn't mind at all.

 We had a blast at Silver Dollar City. After this frog ride we met back up with Brandt and Ann at a ride they had ridden on about 5 times in a row. They were so excited for Jane to ride it because they thought she'd love it. I went on it first to check it out after the horrible first ride and told Brandt it was too intense for her but he thought she could do it and talked her into it. I had no desire to ride it again but Jane LOVED it! Her and Brandt rode it 3 or 4 times in a row! She kept telling me how fun it was and how she wasn't scared at all. Brave girl! And that was that! Kids slept well that night!

Another adventure Ann set up for us was a duck boat ride. Little ducks Roy and Brody:

Jane and Grandma! Quack quack!

I got to sit next to Wenders! I love this picture of her. She's such a pretty girl!

Hi Wendy!

It was an interesting experience. America! (That's an inside joke I never want to forget!)

The driver let the kids steer the boat when it was in the lake.

 She didn't even wreck it!

Wendy was too nervous to drive so we let Boston have a turn.

 That was one busy and thrilling week. We were sad to say goodbye and leave vacation behind. We got to see a couple planets in the sky that were super close to earth one night (being away from the city lights made it possible), we went out for ice cream with Brody and Jenni one night and found a new favorite treat at Andy's, and so much more. This is the little resort village we stayed at. It felt like something out of the Truman Show.

We did so much we felt like we needed a vacation from our vacation! Cute Wendy fast asleep on the drive back to Chicago:

Can't wait for our next family trip! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

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