Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bring on Summer!

The first warmish day of the year meant a beach day! This also meant Boston's first sand experience! Earlier this month we picked Jane up from school and walked straight there. She was surprised and excited to see us all in our beachwear. I put her swim suit in her backpack and told her to change in the school bathroom so she sneakishly told her teacher she needed to use the bathroom. She was so giddy. Out she came with a big grin and her swim suit poking out under her uniform.

We've lived here coming up on 9 years and we are still surprised at the temperature drop when we walk the block to the beach. The "warmish day" was actually quite chilly but we didn't let that stop us and played for about an hour. I couldn't believe the girls played in the water as much as they did. You wouldn't know they were freezing if it weren't for their chattering teeth. Eek! They still denied they were cold and wanted to stay.

Boss and I stayed nice and dry on a towel up on the sand. Here's my cutie little 1 year old in his adorable little swim suit:

He didn't venture off the towel but enjoyed his time at the beach.

Here is a non-exciting video of the kids at the beach and Boston attempting to touch the sand:

The beginning of the beach season means we are a little low on sand toys (having lost or broken them all by the end of last beach season) but this girly was happy as a peach to play with a plastic cup! Oh, I just love her smile. Drastic difference from the previous summers. No more fear of sand!

This girl could have spent the whole evening at the beach. Ok, she could spend EVERY day at the beach. Pretty girl.

While they played, Boston and I tried our hand at some mom/son selfies:

The wind and this silly kid trying to grab my phone every 2 seconds made for some funny but perfect pictures.

 He's so goofy. He only ate sand twice! Once as a test and the second time just to make sure his findings were correct. Smart little guy.

My favorite:

These next 3 are from the following week when we surprised Jane with another after school beach day. Siblings!

Here's to many more warm days!

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