Thursday, June 18, 2015

Downtown Chicago Groundbreaking

This last weekend we had the opportunity to attend the groundbreaking of the new and only downtown Chicago LDS (Mormon) church building! It was announced years ago but like many things in Chicago (taking 15+ minutes to drive 3 miles), things just take longer. It will still be years till we get to hold our first meeting in it but we have broken ground and that's a HUGE milestone!

Here are some pictures from the event:

Brandt was out till midnight the night before getting the stage and chairs and left at 7am that morning to get everything set up. I took the train down with the 3 kiddos. They enjoyed that very much.

They also enjoyed seeing their daddy when we got there. Family selfie (minus Jane)!

Boss spent most of the ceremony on Dad's shoulders ripping as much hair out as his little muscles would allow and the girls spent most of the time playing in piles of debris strewn around the empty parking lot and bringing me "special treasures" also known as broken bits of glass and wires.

The Primary children had been practicing a song and were able to go up and sing it. They did such a good job! Jane shoved a granola bar into her mouth right before it was time to go up and wouldn't go up because she was still chewing. The only way I could get her to go was to have her spit it out into my hand. Just one nasty but typical thing I do as a mom. Meh.

The girls singing their song:

The leaders of our local Stake breaking ground:

Brandt got a chance to do the same because he's the Elder's Quorum President of our ward:

The primary children got a chance next!
They had been looking forward to this for weeks!

The next day we went to church at the school we meet at till we get our new building. Here are the girls showing off their new Sunday clothes and church bags from Aunt Angela:

While we often complain about meeting at the school, we're grateful to have a place to call ours until we get a building and are truly grateful for our church leaders and all they are doing to acquire a more permanent place for us!

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