Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Random June

Fun and photos from the month of June:

 Jane finished up her first session of taekwondo! Doesn't she just look so into it!? Actually, she didn't care for it. She went every week but I think she felt silly and thought it was weird. Oh well, we tried something new AND she looked ADORABLE in her uniform.

One day while Jane was in school I took Wendy and Boss to the Zoo and Farmers Market with some friends. I am SO impressed with Wendy, not just wanting to pet the goats but actually petting them! She was SO brave!

Isn't this how everyone drives tractors? No? Well, this is how my girly girl Wenders drives tractors.

Meanwhile, this is what Boston does while his sister drives the tractor :)

I found this drawing on the floor and knew is was too primal for Jane to have done it but thought there was no way Wendy could have drawn it because she's not really a draw-er. I asked her and sure enough she told me it's "Superman Wendy"! I love it!

And this is a butterfly she drew. I think this should be an actual species of butterfly.

This is a note Jane wrote me and gave to me when I woke up one morning. Her poor little heart was so sad to tell me she was sick but so sweet to tell me she still loved me. Ha!

The view I have when I look down these days:

 I wouldn't trade it for any other view! I love this one year old to PIECES!

Jane SCORED one day when we checked the mail. Not only did she get a letter from TWO Texas Tooth Fairies, her Aunt Anna sent her box tops, a dollar and a stamp to write her back. Her world was MADE!

Wendy felt a little left out until she saw a note for her from Aunt Anna with the same contents. Perked her right up!

One of our favorite outdoor activities when the weather is nice, is to draw on the sidewalk out front. Here are my proud artists after A LONG TIME coloring: 

And we get to enjoy it from our balcony too!

I feel as happy as this girl (Jane drew her) when I look back on these pictures :)

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