Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Two Front Teeth

It happened! Jane has lost both her front teeth! One has been gone for a while but the other has been wiggly for what seems like years. On Sunday night she was eating dinner and the way she bit down made it crooked. She was so distraught. She was in tears. She wanted it out but didn't want it out. There were so many emotions. This picture pretty much sums it up:

The next morning she told me she wanted me to pull it. She was so brave. I gave it a twist-tug and out it came. She giggled the whole time we rinsed her mouth out, letting the blood drain down the sink. She was elated that it was out AND that it meant she'd be getting a surprise. Here she is before school:

Cute girl. She knows I am the tooth fairy but we still talk about the tooth fairy as if it's a role I play and she still gets so excited. In the past she told me what she wanted the tooth fairy to bring her and I have complied. This time she told me she wanted the tooth fairy to choose. The tooth fairy chose a pirate treasure chest art kit she picked up on clearance months ago. Brandt wrote her a note, hung it on her bed hook and when she woke in the morning she read it and followed the tape lines Brandt put down that lead to the treasure chest. Sure kept her quiet, happy and busy until the rest of the house woke up!

I adore her new smile and wish I could freeze this face forever.

She was excited to go to school and show her friends that it came out. Little did she know she'd get a big surprise at school that day. The vice principle came into her classroom and presented her with this award:

How awesome is that!? It was just recognition and a pencil but it was so cool to see her be awarded something, especially since I had no idea they'd even do anything for the Box Tops she brought in last month! It couldn't have been possible without all our friends and family who sent all the boxtops. Thanks again!

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Karen Perry said...

Wow! Despite the scary emotions she’s been through, it’s impressive that she had the initiative of having the tooth pulled out. Anyway, it seems like the losing a tooth paid off very well, with a reward from the vice principal, and a treasure chest art kit. Thanks for sharing!

Karen Perry @ Brookside Dental Care