Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Typical Tuesday

I've been a mom for over 6 years now. It's going by way too fast and beyond slow at the same time. I so badly want three year old Jane back because I didn't appreciate her as much as I should have, yet I can't wait for Boston to start talking and walking. I wish I could have it both ways. Since I can't, let's live in the now.

This is our now.

Brandt took Jane to school on his way to work this morning while Boston napped and I cleaned the kitchen with Wendy at my feet doing puzzles and playing with the new toys my friend gave us last night. The maintenance man was vacuuming in the hallway so I opened our door and told him our lock wasn't working (kind of a problem). I was wearing scrubby clothes, my hair was a mess and I had my glasses on but I'm not really trying to empress Charlie The Maintenance Man from Poland so I invited him in to fix it. Wendy drew him a thousand pictures and he loved every one. Our door now locks... so that's good :)

We rushed out the door after Boss woke up from his nap like we always do on Tuesdays for Wendy's speech therapy and were 10 minutes late like always because I misjudged time. Doesn't help that on Tuesdays Wendy always wants a sack lunch to eat in the car on the way home from "speech school" and I don't get my act together to make it till we are already running late. I think today I threw in graham crackers, pepperoni, a hotdog bun and pringles (yeah... I know...). She ate again when we got home.

(The very exciting hallway Boss and I get to enjoy for an hour each week during speech.)

Boston went down for his second nap and I put Wendy in her room for "Independent Time". She played quietly for a long time and I dozed off for a few minutes on the couch. When Boston woke up I went in to tell her she could come out and was quite confused because I couldn't find her for a minute. No wonder she was quiet. I pulled a very sleepy and confused Wendy out from under her bed, by her feet, so we could get ready to go get Jane from school.

(With 2 empty beds above her, she opted for the hardwood floor.)

We walked to Jane's school, surprised her with a piece of licorice and she spent 5 minutes telling me how much she loved me and how I was the best mom in the world on our way to a park. I have a feeling that speech was inspired by the surprise candy and surprise park visit so I think I should do that more often. At the park, Boston had his first fruit snack and was very confused by the shadow on the ground (thinking he couldn't cross it), Jane made a million friends like she always does and Wendy played so hard, climbing on everything and practicing some gymnastics moves.

After playing we walked to the store with Nicole and her kids. First stop, water fountain... if that's what you call the thing that SHOOTS water 6 feet or more into the air:

The water fountain you have to close your eyes to drink from or be blinded... eek!

I love this picture of our city kids riding their scooters to the store:

On the way home Jane fell off the scooter and banged up her tummy and elbows pretty bad so I got to push her, Boston and a stroller full of groceries almost 2 miles home. Wendy was a champ and walked the whole way, keeping up with me (though I was going pretty slow pushing a million pounds). By the end she told me she was tired of walking but she made it the whole way! They ate a salad I bought at the store on the walk home and I fed them a little more dinner when we got home before getting to bed an hour late.

After Brandt got home, I met up with a friend for ice cream who is moving from Chicago this month and it was yummy and fun to hang out with her. Once day we'll leave Chicago and I joke/not joke about wanting to leave every week but I'll try and enjoy it in the now. This chapter will be over before I know it.

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