Thursday, July 02, 2015

A Party for the Boss

Bossy Boy accomplished one whole year of life so naturally we had to celebrate! We invited his little friends over for some pizza, cupcakes and playing and had a fun time. Here are some pictures:

I made the mistake of hanging those twists a week before the party. I obviously wasn't thinking about my little crawling boy who likes to touch everything, especially new colored things hanging at his level. Luckily, after a week of stressing about where he was at all times, I only had to replace two.

The birthday boy! I just love this little turkey so much!

His sisters were both standing by to blow out the candle for him.

After making his wish he tasted the second sweet of his life (the first being a cookie Wendy snuck him at the store) and he wasn't the biggest fan at first.

But, after a while he warmed up to it and ate over half of it.

Time to wash up! Surprisingly, he didn't get that messy!

That's better, nice and clean!

Time for presents!

He really had zero interest in even touching the gifts so his sisters stepped up again to help. They really are such selfless girls.

Sporting one of his gifts, this cute little hat. I'm in love.

Happy birthday my little baby boy!

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