Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Kindergarten Complete

Kindergarten FLEW by! It seems like just a few months ago I dropped off my baby at full day kindergarten and was so nervous I waited by the phone all day because I just knew something would happen. Nothing DID happen, she had a marvelous year. She had a wonderful teacher, the perfect teacher for Kindergarten.

She excelled in every subject. Reading is her best and she's well above the year end goal. She made lots of friends and it was always so cute hearing all the kids say "bye" to her after school each day. I loved hearing her sing me the songs she learned each week and she still sings them all for us. That kid has a great memory.

We are definitely glad she's home for the summer because 7 hours is way too long to be away from our cute girl.

We were rushing out the door for her graduation so we could hardly snap any pictures of her that morning but we did get a few to remember the day...

Sisters! They wanted to match for graduation.

If only they got along this much (or even a fraction of this much) each day after school.

My happy girl all ready to receive her hard-earned diploma:

I wish I could freeze her and make her stay this young forever.
I made her stop like 57 times on the walk to school for pictures.

June 19th and yes, we wore jackets.

The best picture I could get of her getting her diploma. Go Jane!

 Someone's ready for first grade!

Here's 5 year old Jane on the first day with her awesome teacher:

And 6 year old Jane on the last day! What happened to her baby face!? 

Our friends came to watch her graduate and then joined us for lunch at Steak n Shake afterward (Jane's choice). It's always a mad house when the two of us bring all 6 kids but always fun.

Who knows what 1st grade has in store for us but Jane's ready. Well, after we buy her a new set of uniforms cause that girl has grown!

Here are her stats from her recent 6 year well child visit:


Height: 46 1/4 inches (75th %) She grew three inches this year!
Weight: 49 3/4 pounds (75th %)

Boston's 1 year well child the same day:

Height: 31 inches (75th %)
Weight: 22 pounds (30th %)

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