Friday, July 03, 2015

Photo Fail

The kids decided they all wanted to match so I decided pictures needed to be taken. Things started off rocky with Boston having just woken up from a nap. He usually likes to be held for at least 20 minutes after waking to adjust back to life but we didn't have time for that since we were rushing out the door for the groundbreaking.

Jane tried to help by holding him close. Oh, look at Wendy's adorable smile!

This was the best picture.

Boston doesn't like being restrained by his sisters so after many screams I told Jane to let go.

Trying to stand him up didn't work either. Ha! Jane tried to help by holding his arm under her chin.

And JUST as Boston was about to cooperate, I went and bonked Wendy in the head with the camera. That was the end of picture taking. She tried to be obedient and brave for pictures but her cheeriness just wasn't there.

Oh, well. Kind of a funny experience. Sometimes you take a hundred pictures and don't get the money shot but you do get a slice of reality with 3 kids...

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