Friday, July 31, 2015

Random July

Fun and photos from July:

 I sure wish I'd known about this play area upstairs at the mall years ago! The kids no longer throw fits while I shop so they can play after!

 Cute Wendy having a fun time on a rainy day!

On a nicer day we played outside and I got to make one of these for Jane for the first time! She LOVED it!

I also got to teach her about using your tongue to make big lips this month. She does it like every day now that she figured it out and unfortunately tries to kiss me with those lips every time. Maybe I shouldn't have tried to kiss her when I showed her the first time...

I LOVE Wendy's joy for style. Shopping with her is fun because tells me EVERYTHING she likes and why. I ALMOST couldn't leave the store without buying this hat for her (because she looked so cute and she was obsessed with it).

I got to watch this little girl a few times this summer and I enjoyed EVERY minute. Gwen is just about the same age as Boston and full of adorableness. On this bike ride she leaned into Boston and he thought it was hilarious until the end and then he started screaming for space, ha!

My bookworm! We walked to the produce market and she wouldn't put this book down the whole walk. She just had to know what happened next!

 After watching the landscaping crew work all day for two days straight, Jane decided to give them Popsicles and then got all dolled up for the rest of today's "show", changing into a dress and doing her hair. I think she has her first crush!

This is after a CRAZY micro burst that hit mostly just our neighborhood without warning. My two favorite two moments with Jane (while Wendy stayed inside because she was too scared to come out and actually cleaned the house while she waited!):

While looking at the huge, up-rooted tree: "A lot of worms lost their home!"

Telling everyone on our street: "This never happened before... in all my life!"

During a fun Sunday bike ride to the beach we ran into our friend Maribel and her family. She took this sweet picture of Boss and I:

Jane and Maribel's daughter Emma who went to preschool with Jane. Such big girls!

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